RocketSwap, here are its features.


RocketSwap, first protocol to trade on Base and provide liquidity automatically. Here are its features.

RocketSwap has some amazing features that make it stand out. These features are explained below. This project is the first protocol to trade on base and automatically provide liquidity.

RocketSwap, features:


The exchange is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that enables the exchange of two tokens on the Base Mainnet. This is done effortlessly by RocketSwap to the satisfaction of the user.


In addition, there are several ways to earn money with RCKT, which are
1. Earn $RCKT with Yield Farms & Staking.
2. Earn $RCKT with Swap.
3. Earn more tokens with RocketSwap pools.

RCKT Vault is a set of high incentivized pools. Long term supporters can choose to lock RCKT for a determined period for higher rewards.

The participants receive various benefits such as higher rewards according to lock duration, higher allocations in RCKT Launchpad and more.


The RocketSwap NFT allows $RCKT holders to win more fun collections while playing.


Project: RocketSwap
Token name: $RCKT
Total supply: 100,000,000 $RCKT (98,000,000 tokens sent to the black hole address)
Decimal: 18
Contract: 0x6653dD4B92a0e5Bf8ae570A98906d9D6fD2eEc09

RocketSwap team:

Rocketswap team is a senior technical team with years of experience in blockchain technology. Engaged in the development of several projects. Passionate about decentralization, along with the upcoming launch of BASE mainnet, the team spends a lot of time and experience to complete. In order to quickly respond to your needs in the BASE mainnet, you are welcome to contact us to provide valuable suggestions, and work together to add bricks and mortar to the BASE network, and build a good infrastructure.


Community Driven

RocketSwap is the first community initiated and driven decentralized exchange on Base Mainnet Network, and will gradually become community owned through DAO.

Fabulous User Experience

RocketSwap is going to be a decentralized exchange with the most comprehensive token listing, best liquidity and ROI.

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