Arcadeum, decentralized casino


Arcadeum, decentralized casino. Discover the new way to play at a fully decentralized casino, what are the features?

Arcadeum is a decentralized casino that’s fully on-chain and self-custodial, with a provably low and highly competitive house edge.

Betting is facilitated by a pool of liquidity through which depositors receive losses and pay out wins.

With a tailored API3 QRNG integration, random number generation is verifiably fair.

Arcadeum, mission:

Arcadeum’s mission is twofold.

  1. Create the most transparent, fair, and ethical online betting platform in the world.
  2. Create the Uniswap of on-chain betting.

Online betting has been dominated by evil people, organized crime, and even state-sponsored terrorists groups since its inception. This is widely documented and has gone on for years.

Arcadeum is a community-driven, transparent, and decentralized viable alternative.


  • Online betting should be fun and exciting but focused on connecting people together.
  • Online betting should be as safe as possible without preventing users from managing their own risk. It
  • It is not wrong for the “house” of an online betting platform to have an “edge” and be projected to turn a profit.
  • The “house” of an online betting platform should be public, solvent, and available to any liquidity provider. This includes the players themselves.
  • Random number generation must be provably fair. This provable fairness must be transparent for all to see, such as on a public blockchain.

This ecosystem is a step towards a world where people can enjoy online betting without financially enabling human trafficking, forced labor, extreme worker exploitation, or predatory marketing.

This project is a step towards a world where players understand the risks, odds, payouts, and mechanisms behind the games they play. Prioritizing transparency, decentralization, and censorship resistance, Arcadeum is a true on-chain movement.


ARC is Arcadeum’s base utility token.
ARC has a fixed supply and no more ARC can ever be minted.
While ARC can be bridged to other chains, all features are currently available on Arbitrum.


sARC (Staked ARC) is a staked variant of ARC that accrues a cut of protocol revenue.
ARC and sARC are mutually exchangeable at a one-to-one ratio.
ARC can be staked for sARC at any time, and sARC can be unstaked for ARC at any time.
There are no fees, cooldowns, or lock periods.


xARC (Burnt ARC) is another derivative of ARC that accrues a larger cut of protocol revenue.
ARC is exchangeable for xARC at a one-to-one ratio, with no fees or limits.
However, unlike sARC, the underlying tokens are burnt when ARC is converted to xARC.
This means that xARC can’t be converted back into ARC, which is its more liquid counterpart.


esARC (Escrowed ARC), as the name suggests, is an escrowed wrapper around ARC that accrues a slice of protocol revenue.
While not immediately redeemable, every esARC token is backed by one ARC token.
esARC can be unvested into ARC, but it takes exactly one year to unvest. During this vesting period, no protocol revenue will be accrued.
Note: Unvesting more esARC before the current vesting period expires resets the clock.


Staking in this ecosystem allows stakers to receive 100% of the revenue generated from the following four sources of return:

  • ALP Depository Fee
  • ALP withdrawal fee

Betting fee (20% of the betting fee will be paid to the user’s referrer, if they have one)
All WETHs come from the CRA trading volume on Uniswap, which has an LP fee of 0.3%.
The fee breakdown for each token is as follows:
xARC: 70
sARC: 15
esARC: 15

Play With Confidence on Arcadeum

Self-custody your digital assets and play games straight from your wallet. No signups or KYC required. Arcadeum is decentralized, immutable, provably transparent, and entirely on-chain.

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