Polymath, security tokens start here on our decentralized platform

Polymath, security tokens start here on our decentralized platform. Polymath provides technology to create, issue, and manage digital securities on the blockchain.

Polymath is a decentralized platform that makes it easy to create security tokens. The platform simplifies the complex technical challenges of creating a security token and aims to bring the multi-trillion dollar financial securities market to the blockchain.

Polymath, a platform specially designed to allow the creation, issuance, management and liquidity of security tokens, let’s summarize what is offered there in 5 points:


A focus on the privacy of assets, trades, and positions.


A KYC/AML-permissioned blockchain where you can always confirm that participants are who they say they are


Built-in blockchain control that maintains asset functioning, avoiding duplication or forks.


Intertwine cross-border regulations to ensure proper trade execution and provide further liquidity.


Programmable and automated checks via smart contract.

Tokenize your own tokens, here are the advantages:


Tokenization removes legacy middlemen and improves processes to reduce overhead, admin work, and transfer time.


Security tokens give issuers, investors, and agents access to the same source of truth, which helps the cap table stay up-to-date and reduces disputes around record keeping.

Automated Compliance.

Smart contracts programmably enforce jurisdictional regulations such as buy lockups, sell lockups, and limits on non-accredited investors.


Because of the lower cost of capital distribution and record management, tokenization lets issuers fractionalize shares to tap into the retail market or aggregate multiple projects to appeal to institutional investors.

New Asset Classes.

Tokenization brings efficiency and liquidity to traditional asset classes like bonds, equity, and real estate while also making new structured financial products feasible for the first time.

Polymath, the solution we offer: Token Studio

Polymath, token studio

How it work ?

The Polymath Token Studio allows you to:

Configure — Reserve your ticker symbol and configure your token in a few simple but important clicks.

Connect — Plug in to an ecosystem of providers who can help you create your own end-to-end journey.

Enforce — Input preferences, rules and restrictions, and Polymath’s technology will automate their enforcement.

Service — Automate corporate actions and simplify processes including dividend distribution.

Modify — Make changes to rules and configurations as needed without having to create a brand-new token.

Security tokens, find out what we have to offer you.

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