Metaverse2, basic information

Metaverse2, basic information. Discover the features and benefits of this metaverse project.


Metaverse2 reflects the real world as it is, but as a virtual space that is not limited by space like the real world, it is a platform where users can realize what they want in Metaverse 2 and have various real world experiences. In the world of Metaverse 2, users can become mayors of the city and implement various policies, manage communities or construct buildings to engage in commercial activities.

Metaverse2 and Meta Tokens:

Meta Tokens are a unique resource for Metaverse 2 and are extracted from buildings constructed on the ground.

The amount of extraction varies depending on the type of building constructed and a set number of Meta Tokens are generated for each building at regular intervals.

1. MTK will do its best to protect the token by implementing reasonable security procedures, however, affiliates may lose access to their private keys or be subject to a data breach or loss.

2. The Metaverse 2 platform is a task that requires creating a very complex world, and we will try to complete the production of the platform as much as possible within the time frame specified in the roadmap and white paper, but the update may be delayed depending on the development staff and circumstances.

3. With respect to the wallet, you can access any third-party wallet that has access to the private key. Loss or destruction of these private keys is irreversible.

4. The metaverse 2 will be able to be used in the building construction in the content and content to be updated later via the meta token, and the meta token used in the building construction will be incinerated.

5. Crypto-currencies are very likely to be subject to scrutiny by government authorities and regulations around the world, and the Meta Token and its related companies and affiliates may be negatively affected by legal action.

6. Although the Meta Token was created as a Solana-based token,

it can be transferred to other blockchain ecosystems in parallel with the development of the Metaverse platform. If the corresponding blockchain ecosystem is incomplete and negatively impacts the meta token, you can switch to another blockchain or develop the main network yourself.

7. As technologies such as code cracking and quantum computing continue to develop, irreversible features of crypto-currencies can be destroyed, which can lead to losses.

8. If a large amount of meta tokens are stolen due to code cracking or hacking, the company can break the block of the hacked token and start over with a new block, and the amount of tokens can be restored to the snapshot before the moment of the hack.

9. Meta Token purchases cannot be canceled and there are no refunds for purchases made.

10. The half-life of the amount of meta token extraction varies according to the amount of meta token circulation. Therefore, the period is not fixed and the half-life is flexible depending on the situation.

MTK, information:

MTK is a crypto-currency issued by Metaverse 2 with a total issuance of 1 billion, of which 500 million are currently locked. Meta tokens are used for various contents such as building construction, purchasing items, buying land and P2P transactions in Metaverse 2, and the meta tokens used are incinerated to manage inflation. The meta-tokens are provided based on the Solana blockchain.


The P2P page provided on the Metaverse 2 homepage allows users to trade meta tokens, resources, NFTs, items, and more. between users.

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