Meta Dance, let’s dance!

Meta Dance, let’s dance! Discover the features, benefits and solutions offered by this ecosystem as well as its website.

Meta Dance was started to protect the copyright of digital creations, including dance, by utilizing Metaverse and NFT, and to create an environment where more people can enjoy dancing.

That’s why this project should please those who follow the news of the metaverse but also those who follow the NFTs. Indeed, because the NFT market has grown explosively from the second half of 2021, and ‘OpenSea’, a representative NFT market, reached $10.7 billion in sales in the third
quarter of 2021 alone.If Metaverse and NFT are combined, the market is expected to be about 1 trillion dollars. (Grayscale Metaverse report: Web 3.0 and virtual
cloud economy).

Meta Dance explained:

Meta Dance

Meta Dance service has a content ecosystem with core functions of dance clip creation, playback, and voting.

MetaDance game:

The easiest and most fun way to learn dance is through games. The meta dance game is divided into Practice Mode, which can help you learn dance, Battle Mode, where you can compete against others, and Meet Mode, where you can learn dance from an expert 1:1.

MetaDance B2B:

It is possible to run corporate advertisements within the platform, such as meta dance service and meta dance game. In particular, brand advertisements are exposed to users without objection in the form of sports event sponsorship advertisements while the user is playing the game.

Meta Dance Ecosystem:

Artist Rewards: Artists are rewarded with revenue from dance clip NFT sales, sponsorship from fans, and dance copyrights used in the game.


In the ecosystem, users do not simply consume content, but perform various activities such as reproduction and external sharing, voting for artists, mining with games, and inviting friends, and rewards are given accordingly.

Metadance protects the copyright of creations through Metaverse and NFT, and tries to create an environment where more people can enjoy dancing.

MetaDance, three points to remember:


Systematized artist verification, differentiated artist level according to registration system expertise to determine the nature and scope of NFTs.


A system that reports and examines the plagiarism and theft of the NFT issuing system that can recognize AI-based behavior and specify choreography points.


A user-friendly system incorporating P2E, an artist discovery and training system, which allows you to check the right to create and use secondary works.

MDT Token Allocation

The total issuance of Meta Dance Token is 10 billion, of which 30% is distributed to partners who own or distribute copyrights, such as dance associations, dance crews, and dance studios, and technology partners who will support blockchain and AI technologies. 20% will be distributed to the ecosystem, which is the amount of rewards for artists and user rewards that produce actual dance video content, and 20% will be distributed to publicity and marketing to promote the project worldwide, contributing to the success of the project.

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