Merry Christmas Token

Merry Christmas Token. Here are the characteristics of this totally exclusive token, its advantages and its utility.

Merry Christmas Token

Merry Christmas Token, buy token, wait for the Christmas and earn together on pump! You can also open boxes with NFTs and earn extra profit. MCT is the second project of holidays ecosystem, first token did 35x! Buy MCT token and do not miss the opportunity!

Merry Christmas Token, how it works?

1. Get some MCT – Buy on PancakeSwap
2. Buy and open Christmas Boxes. You will get awesome NFTs!
3. Exchange your NFTs to MCT tokens. If you are lucky, expect a good profit!

Christmas boxes (NFTs)

You can buy Christmas boxes only with MCT tokens.

Price of Christmas box can grow depening on current price of MCT token, same as reward for the NFTs, they will grow with the grow of MCT price and volume.

People who follow the NFT news will appreciate this ecosystem which is well adapted to the Christmas period.

Distribution of funds from the Magic box:

100% to the NFT Bank

  1. There is only one type of Christmas box at this moment;
  2. You get only 1 NFT from each box;
  3. There is no limit on buying Christmas boxes;
  4. There is no limit on total amount of NFTs for one user;
  5. If you want to pay less comissions on gas, please, open all desired amount at once.

NFT boxes — one of our main features, which gives you opportunity to try your luck! New Year — is the best time of the every year, people unite, dreams come true, wishes are made for the next year…
This is your chance to try your luck with our unique Christmas boxes! Buy our boxes and get NFTs, which you can sell to the NFT bank!

NFT Bank

When you open Christmas boxes you get NFTs, but afterwards you need to do something with them. If you want to sell them, then use NFT Bank!

Now, when you get certain NFTs, you do not need to stake them or wait for something. You can sell them immediately in the NFT Bank and get MCT tokens.

Unique feature – nft boxes, buy boxes, if you are lucky get insta (0x, 2x, 3x) profit in nft bank. Hold nfts and earn even more, NFTs price is growing with MCT price grow and with MCT volume!

No presale, no private sale!

Initial MC = 60k

Initial liquidity = 40k(20k busd + 20k usd in MCT)

Contract posted 1 min after launch(to prevent bots)

This is an informational article, it is not intended to encourage you to buy from this site and does not endorse it in any way. Please continue to do your own research to make up your own mind before purchasing any of the offerings.

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