MekaApes Game, what type of game is it?

MekaApes Game, what type of game is it? Discover all the features of this ecosystem based on GameFi principles.

MekaApes Game, with this game, OogaVerse introduces exciting new game mechanics such as evolution, fusion and a unique levelling-up system.

The interconnection with the expansive OogaVerse collection, makes MekaApes the most in depth strategy game available on the Ethereum blockchain.

Stake Robo Oogas and MekaApes in the factory to earn $OG. Upgrade Robo Oogas or merge two MekaApes to unlock extra utility!

MekaApes Game

MekaApes game, explanation:

MekaApes are a highly evolved species of Ape that have travelled through the cosmos for thousands of years. One day, while searching for new resources, they came across a planet that was covered in metallic waste. On this planet they discovered small robotic creatures , assembled from scrap metal, called the Robo Oogas.

Robo Oogas are an industrious breed and have built factories where they convert scrap metal into valuable $OG, which is used to craft new Robo Oogas and develop the population. Each newly created robo starts out as a Scrap Scout, with the ability to level all the way up to become an executive bot.

Robo Oogas are an extremely capable and independent species. However, they face a significant threat: since they are freely exposed to the dangers of the universe, they are targets for the Space Droid Federation, an evil organization that regularly steals the Robos Oogear. In order to protect themselves from the merciless Space Droid Federation, the Oogas made a pact with the MekaApes to protect the factories from the despicable Droids, in return for payment in valuable $OG.

The game launches with the first 10,000 NFTs will be minted with ETH. There is a 10% chance that you will receive a MekaApe and a 90% chance that you get a Robo Ooga.

Robo Oogas produce $OG when staked in the Factory. MekaApes that guard the factory get a share of all $OG that’s produced. Staked merged MekaApes also get gifted newly crafted Robo Oogas and MekaApes as a tribute.

The total Supply at the end of Stage 1 will be 55,000 NFTs. After the initial 10,000 NFTs are minted you can mint new Robo Oogas using $OG or $DMT. This feature is called crafting. When crafting Robo Oogas there is a 10% chance that you receive a MekaApe instead of a Robo Ooga. #OOGA!


MekaApes protect the factory and receive a 23% tax of all $OG that’s produced. Merge 2 MekaApes to receive a Mega Meka. Mega Mekas have the ability to receive Robo Oogas as a tribute.

Robo Ooga

Robo Oogas produce $OG when they are staked in the factory. There are 4 levels – Use $DMT to level up Robo Oogas and make them more productive.

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