Humanode, what is it?


Humanode, what is it? Discover the objectives and characteristics of this new ecosystem.

Humanode, the true decentralization of blockchain is finally here.

Become the pillar of the most accessible and democratic blockchain ever to exist.

1 Human = 1 Node = 1 Vote

Humanode, what is it?

Humanode is a network based on cryptographically secure bio-authorized nodes. By using solutions that provide private search operations. There will also be matching and presence detection algorithms. Users will then be able to deploy nodes to create a public financial network. Unauthorized based on a consensus of human nodes that share the costs and ownership of the network equally. That’s why this is a real innovation.

Problems and solutions:

Modern decentralized verification systems rely on the concept of material obligations to prevent malicious activity—Proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain systems blacklist mining equipment, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) slashes tokens. The main focus of these protection mechanisms is to create a system in which attacks are unimaginably costly for any hypothetical predator.

This dependency stems from problems of mistrust at several levels. However, it is primarily because any trust system requires a tool to prevent malicious activity. Because human nodes are not created by mining farms or monetary obligations in the form of stakes, they are not exposed to the same angle of attack.

The Humanode network will prevent malicious activity by blacklisting biometric data. This means that your biometric identity becomes the issue.

Human nodes are created using crypto-biometric authentication. This is a combination of cryptographically secure matching and presence detection mechanisms to verify the uniqueness and existence of real human beings. Thus, the pseudonymous biometric identity of the user becomes the issue that gives access to the creation of a node that verifies transactions. This approach mitigates the problem of disproportionate power in decentralized systems such as mining cartels or oligopolies of validators.

In the Humanode network, only one node derives from one biometric identity. This also means that every node is equal in terms of voting and computation power, while rewards for verification and storage are equally distributed among the human nodes.

Humanode network:

The Humanode network is a protocol for proving a person’s unique identity. This is done through private biometric authentication systems. This allows permission to launch a node and verify transactions in a public network without authorization based on collective human existence.

Bash those nasty bots!

Tired of bots ruining your socials? Want a simple tool to create Sybil-resistant lists of humans? Then check out Humanode’s BotBasher!

BotBahser can be added to your Discord server to ensure that only real humans that underwent Humanode’s private biometric verification can join!

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