Belka, what is the goal of this project?

Belka, what is the goal of this project? Discover the objective, the characteristics and the opportunities that this DeFi project offers.

Belka simply wants to become the largest animal protection project in the world.

After Bitcoin, the first big blockchain created in 2009, Ethereum was launched in 2015, as a software platform that runs on a blockchain network.
Today, blockchain technology can create a better world through projects like Belka token.

Blockchain technology has the potential to change nearly every facet of our lives. Dr. Richard Smith, executive director of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, a nonprofit organization dedicated to studying recurring patterns throughout economies and cultures, calls it a “revolution.”

Now, in 2022, we want to start a revolution with Belka, the biggest animal welfare project based on blockchain.


Belka, the story behind the choice of this name:

Before cosmonauts and astronauts, a team of Soviet space dogs blasted into the inky unknown. And the descendants of those that survived ended up living in the last place you might expect.

Meet Belka and Strelka, the two dogs who changed the face of space history and became international celebrities in the process! In 1960, two stray dogs were plucked from the streets of Moscow to become space pioneers. This quirky and delightful picture book tells the incredible true story of these heroic strays.

Selected from a number of potential canine cosmonauts, Belka and Strelka are put through their paces on the ground, as they practice rocket simulations and wearing spacesuits, before being launched into outer space as the first ever living creatures to successfully orbit the Earth. Miraculously, the dogs survive the mission and upon their return embark on a tour of the USSR, clad in their carefully tailored jumpsuits – one red, one green – becoming international celebrities. As for their legacy, less than a year after their safe return the Soviet space programme felt confident enough to send the first human into space.

Belka and Strelka can be considered the first ‘space pop stars.’

Their celebrity status played a significant role in the confrontation between the two opposing ideologies of the Cold War. Most importantly, the image of Belka and Strelka had made space more ‘human.’

Whereas Laika’s tragic end had split the world into two halves – those who would sacrifice the dog for the sake of winning the Space Race, and those who could not justify her death – the images of the two adorable dogs comically paddling in zero-gravity, dressed in their tailored spacesuits, seemed to have made the idea of the cosmos a little warmer. Space could now be perceived as home, perhaps faraway and fantastic, but already awaiting man, who was scheduled to visit very soon.

Project goal:

Belka Project goal is to create a continuous bridge between blockchain technology and real life.

People’s power can change the status-quo and Belka empowers people for the years to come.

Being a project based on a crypto token, transparency is the key.

Due to international legal and tax requirements, Belka Coin is not permitted to make donations to charities without a legal agreement. Until all selected charities have established agreements, donations will be divided equally among those that have agreements in place.

BELKA is the first project integrating a global network of animal welfare charities. We establish connections with leading organizations for animal protection in US, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. All real, not just promises.

You can support the project directly by donating BNB, or by investing in Belka token and earn profits from token growth.

All direct BNB donations is automatically transferred to animal welfare organizations virtual wallets.

Also, a DONATION (as a transaction fee) is applied for buying and selling Belka Token which will be automatically sent in the organization virtual wallet ( as BNB payment).

Small reminder, the fact that such a project is mentioned on the DeFi news platform does not mean that we endorse it. Before making a donation, please make all the additional verifications by reading this article which is in no way an incitement to make a donation but just relays the intentions of the founders of the Belka project.


Transparency is part of our philosophy.
Find below our tokenomics.


2,000,000,000 BELKA
Belka Coin have two goals.

Supporting World Animal Welfare organizations and supporting

Belka community: supporting you as an investor.

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