Futureverse – introduction


Futureverse – introduction. Discover a leader in revolutionary AI + metaverse technologies. Features and direct access to the official website.

Futureverse – Revolutionary AI and metaverse technologies that enable open, scalable, and interoperable apps, games and experiences.

If you follow Metaverse news and keep up to date with AI, then this project should be of particular interest to you.

Futureverse – introduction:

Metaverse, a little-known world

The term ‘Metaverse’ is gaining momentum as it encapsulates the forthcoming era of online experiences. While it has sparked global interest and imagination, its comprehension remains widely lacking.

Although the term ‘Metaverse’ isn’t novel, its current interpretation encompasses a broad spectrum. These range from virtual reality games to immersive digital markets, avatars and content linked to non-fungible tokens (NFT). It encompasses virtually everything in between.

The Metaverse symbolizes an advanced digital landscape where segregated digital realms converge, giving way to a unified, immersive, and inclusive experience.

Futureverse’s comprehensive technology platform empowers developers to create the worlds they imagine.

This concept holds significant potential, and its early stages are already evident. One clear illustration lies in the fusion of two previously distinct technological domains in society: Communications and Media. Their amalgamation has birthed what we now recognize as social media.

We are presently observing the decline of yet another isolated sector, traditional commerce. Social discovery has already emerged as the primary method for people to discover products. It won’t be long before it becomes the primary mode of purchasing, as social commerce becomes the standard.

The subsequent stage will involve the integration of finance and web3 gaming into this blend.

Enter the Futureverse

The Futureverse provides a set of tools at the infrastructure, protocol, content and application layer that are built with user experience in mind, and fully integrated to ensure interoperability.

Over this infrastructure, a rich content layer creates powerful community network effects.

The Futureverse is comprised of:

  1. The Root Network: a decentralized blockchain network optimized for user experience and on-boarding.
  2. A decentralized identity protocol and passport for users and assets to form the base data layer for interoperability and applications.
  3. A decentralized delegation protocol allowing applications to provide layered access to assets, users and content.
  4. A decentralized communications, notifications and storage protocol allowing users and applications to communicate with each-other between applications.
  5. A decentralized artificial intelligence protocol enabling applications and avatars to leverage this technology in a community governed and user-owned way.
  6. Payment networks and wallets designed to help onboard and connect physical goods. Financial rails of the Metaverse.
  7. Content collectibles: a rich set of user-owned digital collectibles, designed with storytelling at their heart.

These elements serve as the fundamental building blocks required by developers to create a decentralized community-owned application or enable content creators to participate in The Open Metaverse.

Futureverse leads the development of The Root Network. A modular development toolkit prioritizing scalable, secure and interconnected metaverse experiences.

However, achieving success encompasses more than just content creation. The infrastructure stack holds absolute importance. While this foundational layer might not seem glamorous, it is pivotal in attracting and engaging new users, especially when catering to a mass audience familiar with the user experience of current consumer applications and influenced by technology portrayals in movies. If their initial encounter with Web3 is chaotic or confusing, they are unlikely to continue using it. Moreover, they might be enticed into corporate-controlled Metaverse replicas created by the same major corporations that dominated Web2.

The Futureverse brings together a team of 200 visionaries who have spent the last five years developing technology, protocols, and content to significantly enhance the Web3 Open Metaverse experience.

Some features:

The FuturePass smart wallet SDK enables simple, fast, safe, and password-free user onboarding to web3 apps, games and experiences. It safeguards user identity and data, stores digital assets, tokens and memberships, manages permissions and builds status wherever they go.

D.O.T. Asset Pipeline – Digital Object Transformer. Infinite characters, generated instantly. The 3D character/prop configuration and generation tool allows developers to create dynamic asset pipelines quickly and easily.

AI Gaming Platform and SDKs. The AI Gaming Platform powers casual AI strategy sports games where the player acts as the coach and owner, strategically training their teams for AI-controlled action.

ROOT Token Economy

The ROOT token economy is driven by several key use cases:

1. Governance of The Root Network Protocol

ROOT is the network governance token. It will control core features like software upgrades, runtime upgrades and new runtime deployments, the block reward economy, and admitting new application chains who wish to use The Root Network hub.

2. Proof of Stake for Network Security. ‍

ROOT is also the network token used by node validators and delegators to secure the Proof of Stake network. Validators or delegators who stake ROOT will earn fees from various network activities to ensure there is sufficient incentive to operate a node and stake. The block rewards for staking will come in several forms.


A leader in revolutionary AI and metaverse technologies is born. Its ecosystem will enable the creation of open, scalable and interoperable applications, games and experiences.

Direct access to the official website

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