Foxify, Next Generation P2P Trading Platform


Foxify, Next Generation P2P Trading Platform. Find out more about this new ecosystem and direct access to its website.

Foxify, your future, today. Next-gen P2P trading, find out why?

If you follow decentralized trading news, then you can’t ignore this new platform. Discover its main features now.

Foxify features:

Foxify is a first of its kind, decentralized trading platform offering peer to peer options and perpetuals trading, built on the Arbitrum blockchain and launched in partnership with Tyson Fury.

Foxify will build around a number of key features:

  • OptiTrade Technology, creating a CeFi experience with the security of DeFi
  • Trade perps with up to 50x leverage
  • Set your own terms on Foxify Options, trade peer to peer as either a maker or taker
  • Stake Foxify to earn a % of platform trading fees
  • Affiliate program offering generous rewards
  • Earn via Liquidity Provision in Blue Chips & Stablecoins
  • Fully decentralized on Foxify Options
  • Technology to trade any pair

This ecosystem will also launch a Prop trading layer, allowing traders to earn funding and take 80% of trading profits, no deposit.

To support traders, you will find the Foxify academy, with paper trading to be launched on both perps and options.


Multiple failures in recent times have driven a shift to decentralized finance during the bear market. Decentralized adoption can be challenging, due to the more complex user experience that is typically seen on DeFi platforms, for example; wallet creation across multiple chains, bridging, and gas. Established perps also have scalability issues due to the fundamental structure.

Foxify bridges a gap whereby users’ need for a CeFi-style simplicity in their experience without an external risk to funds (as we have seen when CeFi platforms go under). With a focus on user experience, coupled with decentralized technology and smart contracts, Foxify has created OptiTrade technology – whereby users truly can have the experience of a centralized platform, with the technology and security reserved for DeFi. This project has enterprise grade performance, backed up by market leading user experience.

Tokens & Staking

Foxify will utilize 2 tokens for users to earn from on the platform:

$PLP (Perps Liquidity Pool)

Staking: stake the $FOXIFY to earn a % of trading fees paid in $FOXIFY & Stable (50/50). APY is variable and based on trading volumes with a target of 20-80%.

As a planned feature in the future: Users will be able to auto-stake $FOXIFY earnings into the Foxify Perps LP.

Want to find out more?

Direct access to the official website

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