Excom Society and its token GENZ

Excom Society and its token GENZ. Purpose: providing Analytical tools for Metaverses.

excom society

Excom Society could not have grabbed the better attention than one of the Leading Metaverses on Solana blockchain – Heavenland.

The Excom’s brand will get integrated into the virtual world of Heavenland and will become a verified collection inside of HL’s Paragon NFTs.

This project aims to heavily cooperate with Heavenland and successfully onboarded the Heavenland team as Advisory crew to use their great deal of experience.

Excom Society: PFP collection

Heavenland Integration

Collection of Excom Society aims to provide its holders several utilities, advantages in Solana NFT space and passive income by earning its own token via Staking and getting part of the royalties.

As an Excom holder you can expect to get access to:

  • PFP collection
  • Access to Data Analytical Tools
  • Integration and a Verified Collection in Heavenland
  • Staking
  • $GENZ token
  • Share of the royalties
  • Merch
  • Liquidity Pool set up from raised SOL
  • Floor Sweeping & burn NFTs
  • DAO voting
  • Building a brand inside of web3 and metaverse ecosystems

GENZ token:

GENZ token plays a crucial role in the whole ecosystem that Excom Society has been building.

You must think of GENZ, not as a separate token, but you must connect GENZ and Excom NFT and how these two work together.

This project is very tightly connected with Heavenland, which focuses on building services for the Metaverse, whereas this ecosystem makes services for more closed NFT communities.

GENZ token is an SPL token on the Solana blockchain. The essential characteristics are summarized in the following table:


Share of the royalties distributed to holders Merch

Liquidity Pool

As a redemption to Excoms new owners that saved them and gave them a place to hide, Excom Society promised to work hard and serve their owners forever in the form of staking.

Simply grab your Excom and lock it in the dark place and let them work!

The reward is pretty tasty! All Excom Society NFTs will be stakeable shortly after the mint is complete.

Staking Reward will be in a newly created token called $GENZ that will give Excoms owners regular passive income.

As default, all Excoms generate a fixed amount of 20 $GENZ per day when staked.

From the dust of a burning world, society and the NFT market where pure faith was the only thing that remained left, Excom Society was born.

Their purpose was as simple as web3 itself. To bring faith and powerful tool for everyone admiring Solana NFT space to grasp their opportunity to shine in virtual space, be part of the changing world and powerful DAO which will decide how big Excom Society will grow.

The Excoms will not be alone in this fight but successfully onboarded the Heavenland Team into the Advisory board to successfully achieve all the goals.

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