Shopdi, the new generation blockchainized e-commerce platform

Shopdi, the new generation blockchainized e-commerce platform. Here are the main features of this ecosystem and direct access to its official website.


Shopdi is a new-generation e-commerce platform specializing in authentic and limited-edition merchandise. Through our unique mechanism, Shopdi helps our members improving quality of life and experiencing the lifestyle that they wish to.

Shopdi, its features:

By applying the mechanisms of hidden prices and unlimited discounts, Shopdi allows buyers to decide the price of the product they want to buy without interfering with the sellers’ profits and brand positioning.

This is a unique concept as it is the first e-commerce platform dedicated to high-end and high-value brands where buyers can decide the price of the products.

Hidden Price

For each product with a hidden price, you will use points to reveal the price. The starting price of the product is always the best compared to the market price. The price will be decreased after every opening and is fixed for 25 seconds which is exclusive to you. Every buyer has a fair 25-second chance to buy their favorite product at the best price.

Unlimited Discount

For each product with an unlimited discount session, you will use points to see that unlimited price session. The starting price of the product is always the best compared to the market price. This price is further reduced as more people join the session. You will see the price decrease continuously and use points to deposit to keep that product. Shopdi can recognize the fastest depositor with the nanosecond calculator.


On this platform, your experience is our first priority. Therefore, everything we build, is built around your requests, even at the price level of the products you want to buy. In addition, by purchasing with on this platform, you will receive exclusive benefits of the utility, ecosystem and values of the tokens.


Shopdi acts as a Sales & Marketing agent that helps to deliver the best practices to its Merchants & Sellers in order to serve the customers better. With AI Business Intelligent Platform, Shopdi will provide a comprehensive solution based on real-data which helps optimizing sales, marketing and inventory for Merchants & Sellers.

This ecosystem includes partners such as investors, strategic marketing, technology and research partners, who will provide us with data, market intelligence, innovative technologies, etc. that will skyrocket our community and users. In return, it is expected to also increase the membership for partners by converting free users into token users.

HOD token:

In short, this platform is the first new e-commerce platform for authentic and limited edition products. The team aims to always set new goals and plans.

A few words from the team:

With the vision of becoming “The World’s Leading Trusted E-Commerce Platform”, we focus on original product quality as well as security functions and information encryption for a safe and secure business environment, protecting users’ rights.

Along with that is the mission of “Maximizing the benefits of users” with unique pricing mechanisms; the buyer decides the selling price without affecting the seller’s profit and brand image. This makes a distinctive signal on Shopdi, among other platforms.

To realize this vision and mission, core values ​​such as transparency, quality and stakeholders’ interests are decisive factors on which Shopdi builds a specific roadmap and strategy.

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