Evany, here are the characteristics of this utility token


Evany, here are the characteristics of this utility token. Get all the basic information about this token as well as its website address.

Evany was designed to address the problems associated with traditional payment methods by providing a fast, secure, and cost-effective payment method within the GPoint Wallet ecosystem. Using blockchain technology, these transactions are secure and efficient, eliminating the need for intermediaries that typically add fees and slow down the process.


Evany is an ERC20-based utility token that has been created by Master & S Inc, a prominent company based in California, USA.

The token is owned by GPoint Wallet, which is a product of Master & S Inc.

The primary purpose of Evany is to facilitate transactions within the GPoint Wallet ecosystem for a wide range of services and products.

Unlike general cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin or Ethereum), utility tokens are designed to serve a specific purpose within a particular platform or ecosystem. This ecosystem, specifically, has been created to aid transactions within the GPoint Wallet platform.

As the first utility token to be used in dental offices and billing systems.

This ecosystem offers a secure and efficient payment option for dental services.

Furthermore, Evany is also integrated with various platforms such as GPoint Wallet and Gtalk, expanding its use cases beyond the dental industry. GPoint Wallet, in particular, provides a peer-to-peer e-wallet.


The mission is to revolutionize the payment industry by providing users with a secure, fast, and cost effective payment option within the GPoint Wallet ecosystem.

The goal is to create a seamless payment experience for the users and become a go-to payment option for anyone seeking to transact within the GPoint Wallet platform.

Evany, a sustainable solution:

Evany’s integration with the GPoint Wallet payment gateway makes it easy for users to pay for various products and services within the ecosystem.

The ability to swap Evany with GPoints in real-time and link the price of Evany to listed crypto exchanges ensures that users can easily exchange their tokens for other digital assets or fiat currencies.

Furthermore, Evany’s use cases extend beyond the GPoint Wallet ecosystem, with its integration into other platforms such as Gdenti and BillWithUs. This allows for greater versatility and wider adoption of the token, enhancing its value proposition as a utility token.

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