DencentraShop, what is it?


DencentraShop, what is it? Here’s an introduction to the project, its features and direct access to its website.

DencentraShop is a decentralized marketplace that allows payment with cryptocurrencies.

DecentraShop is a decentralized application that allows buyers and sellers to exchange goods in the strictest sense of the word.
The very essence of trade, barter, bazaar, no matter what counties you come from, one could even say no matter what era you come from, you have this essential human need to buy, to exchange: to “trade” .

Over time, decades, millennial , centuries, contrary to what one might think, exchanges have become centralized.

DecentraShop, the freedom of exchanges with ethical rigor:

After taking the time to read all his historical & political explanations, which are not exhaustive.

The aim of this new ecosystem is to offer a decentralized but ethical marketplace, a complex gamble but one that is achievable thanks to advanced technological recipes.

There have been very few projects that come close to the vision and objectives set by this ecosystem.

Many platforms offer a marketplace system, but with compulsory acquisitions to carry out transactions using their own tokens or technologies.

This makes the process more costly, less decentralized and simply more lucrative for the owners of the marketplace in question.

The vision is similar to that of OpenBazaar, a decentralized exchange platform that should have revolutionized the planet but unfortunately closed down due to overly unstable financial management. But the model was brilliant.

Basic security for the DecentraShop platform:

The buyer does not send his cryptos directly to the seller.

The cryptocurrencies will be blocked on a totally public smart contract and visible to all on etherscan. It is a decentralized escrow system, there is no trusted third party, the latter is replaced by the smart contract thanks to blockchain technology.
For the seller it is the same process but in the opposite case, he must wait for the final validation of the order by the buyer to be paid.

Buyers are requested to carefully follow the shipping procedure and the conditions and procedure of sale of the platform to avoid any disputes. (See conditions and procedure depending on the product category offered for sale)

Transactions made on the platform can be followed directly on etherscan from the blocking of funds until their release.

With regard to delivery, we ask sellers to follow the requirements provided for by the conditions and procedures of DecentraShop, namely in almost all cases a shipment with tracking and by a known subcontractor (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, EMS and local supplier for example Laposte in France).

Direct access to the official website

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