DAO Maker, for a controlled investment

DAO Maker, for a controlled investment. Discover a unique platform built on Ethereum blockchain technology.

DAO Maker, the challenge of this platform is simple: to offer different methods of interaction between investors and entrepreneurs.

DAO Maker

DAO Maker in a few words:

It is a service in high demand that offers its users various investment opportunities according to their profile and risk appetite:

The “SHO” is the flagship product of the DAO Maker platform. The Strong Holder Offering works as a lottery. Participants must have a minimum of 500 DAO tokens and the required amount of USDC to obtain an allocation. They will then be drawn at random once the registrations are complete. They can maximize their chances of receiving an allocation by storing a larger amount of DAO tokens. The eligibility ranges are 500, 1000+, 2000+, 4000+ and 10,000+.

The “SEED-SHO” is a variation of the SHO described above, with the added feature of an additional round of funding, significantly increasing the original allocation. A larger number of participants can then join in financing the project. A differentiating information is to be noted compared to the SHO: the token issuance schedule is deferred. Indeed, 15% of the allocations are directly distributed, the rest is distributed in 10% increments and can be claimed directly on the DAO Maker platform. This process allows a better control of the inflation and the guarantee of a perennial tokenomics system.

Dynamic Equity/Coin Offerings” or DYCO offer good rewards for controlled risks. Indeed, the tokens of the start-up are bought here, but the capital is kept by an authorized custodian. Retraction is only possible during a specific period. Thus, after this period, the tokens are “backed” by the proceeds of the sale, guaranteeing a minimum price for the rest of the life of the coins.

By keeping a huge part of the proceeds of the sale, the DYCOs are in a way insured by frozen funds

Refundable Strong Holder Offerings, or RSHOs, aim to build a community that will actively promote the company. With this formula and after a successful private sale, the sale becomes public, with the risks inherent to any speculative investment, but with a compensation mechanism. A percentage of the non-refundable capital of the sales proceeds will be redistributed and will reward active DAO token holders who participate in the promotion of the company by fulfilling certain specific objectives.

The “DAO Vaults”: the DAO Maker platform offers a utility token with the same name. This can be delegated within “Liquidity Pools”, allowing you to collect rewards, qualify for certain allocations, but also participate in the governance of a project. Already available: DAOMaker, Evolution Finance, Convergence Finance, YIELD Protocol and Open Ocean.

As you can see, DAO Maker is building the reference platform for retail venture investment in stocks and tokens.

Offering low-risk participation frameworks is essential to reach the global venture capital market, as most retail investors cannot afford to risk a large portion of their money.

That’s why this platform fills a specific need.

Direct access to the platform

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