Crypto trading platform without broker

Crypto trading platform without broker and with leverage. Discover all the advantages of this trading platform allowing to trade directly from Metamask.

Crypto trading plateform

Crypto trading plateform without broker, possible or not possible?

Thanks to DEFI, decentralized finance, it is now possible to trade directly from your Metamask account, so without a broker, without an account, without having to send your money to a company.

Crypto trading platform with Gfarm, benefits :

  1. immediate access to the platform, without opening an account
  2. no need to send your money to a broker and then make a request to recover it
  3. direct trading, easy, user-friendly even for a beginner
  4. robust platform that has remained available to traders during the last crashes
  5. very low fees, spreads

Somes important points :

The plateform works on the Polygon Layer 2 and deeply integrated with Chainlink.

A decentralized leveraged trading platform up to 150x that doesn’t borrow the leveraged funds. How is that possible?

GFARM2 is used to open trades on the platform. Opening the position will burn the GFARM2 tokens from the total supply. There are three different ways the trade can evolve:

  1. If the position is closed while in profit, the original position plus profits are minted back.

  2. If the position is closed while at a loss, the original position minus the losses are minted back.

  3. If the position enters the liquidation zone, any NFT owner can liquidate the trade and keep part of the initial position for him/herself (5% to NFT holder and 5% to LPs).

Asset prices

While all other leverage DEXes derive their own derivative prices, which often ends up prices that do not correspond to the real price of the asset, we use our custom real-time Chainlink node operators network to get the median price from 5 data sources.

More fair to traders than other platforms

Since we aggregate our prices, this means traders are protected from liquidation scam wicks and other unfair events of this kind that happen on only 1 exchange.

We are the first leveraged trading platform to offer this kind of protection to traders.

Dynamic GFARM2 position sizes

Your position always keep its ETH value. Since you open trades with GFARM2, your position’s value increases/decreases with the token’s volatility.

In order to counteract this possible event, your GFARM2 position will increase proportionally to the token’s price decrease and inversely, but always keep its ETH value.

However, your GFARM2 position size won’t increase more than 20% from its initial size.

Trading Fees

We charge a 1% taker’s fee for opening and closing trades on the unleveraged amount (=0.0067% of leveraged amount if 150x).

There is also a 0.05% spread on the price when opening a trade. This is used to regulate the winrate and assure more tokens are burned than minted (= deflationary pressure on the token supply).

We don’t have fees for keeping the trades open (no funding fee), and no fees while depositing or withdrawing since you can perform your trades directly from your wallet!

These fees are distributed to the team (0.5% of opened trades), the DAO (0.5% of opened trades) and Liquidity Providers (1% of closed trades).

Current limitations & security measures

At the moment, you cannot win more than 400% on a trade. This limit can and will be raised in the future, but for the moment this is an important safe guard while we are still building our database and stats on the trading platform.

The max open interests on each pair (= max amount of GFARM2 tokens * leverage of current open positions) will be raised too.

Crypto trading platform, demonstration :

Want to know more ?

The easiest way is to test it yourself, you can do it from $ 40

Direct access to the platform

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