Cleeps, an innovative NFT marketplace for shorts videos

Cleeps, an innovative NFT marketplace for shorts videos. Discover its characteristics, its advantages and its website.


Cleeps, create, publish, earn.

What problems does this ecosystem solve?

Currently, when the world has got around to short videos, we have got a lot of incredible services that caused their popularity to the peak. Unfortunately, still, there is no NFT-based service that can provide the same functionality with all blockchain features. That becomes the problem when the creators desire to earn income for their art fair securely and straightforwardly.

Those get us to the main issues:

Lack of trustworthy short-video-oriented marketplace

The current popular NFT marketplaces have a large audience that generally uses them for images rather than video content. Furthermore, that issue powers by the absence of the tools the creators require to make the content causes them to reject the idea of holding their art on the blockchain.

Value to the market

On the most popular platforms, the creator’s income may depend on the video topic and even the creator’s country as a critical factor because of advertisement costs put before, on, and after their content. That’s why most creators use adverts and sponsorships in their art as primary income. It leads to viewers who appreciate their art paying directly not to the creator but the platform owners.

Freedom of creating

Unfortunately, the current video content industry sets the concept that income generates from the art as the advert board rather than the content itself. Considerable numbers of the creators get forced to adjust their art to the advert selling rules. They haven’t enough space to make all the things they will share with the world.

Cleeps, the solution

Cleeps is a unique platform that sets as the Video NFT Marketplace. If you are looking for a short video marketplace or video stock, Cleeps is your solution. Cleeps offers the easiest way to place your first video without leaving the app, using the rich library of tools for video editing out of scratch. It allows creators to create and share the content they love without any intermediary, sell to their followers, and owe the percentage fee on future rents or sales to earn the royalty they deserve. Cleeps allows bidding or force-buying the videos they love with the most straightforward steps for users.


Cleeps’ smart contract ecosystem includes the fungible token, NFT, marketplace on the BSC network. Fungible token Cleeps will be released first to raise initial investments and trade in the Cleeps Marketplace in exchange for NFT. Every new Cleeps user will directly impact the token price growth that causes demand increase and trading volume using the ecosystem’s smart contracts.

The NFT is a user video collection that is decentralized and stored in IPFS. The collection integrity is ensured by in-platform token creation only. Before the token minting, the video should go through a poll on the platform to raise enough votes. Subsequently, the market is filled only with awesome content. And on the other hand, the user pays for the gas if the video is in demand only.

In the marketplace, users will be able to put their NFT up for sale in exchange for USDT (BSC) tokens with a minimum price buyout or by holding an auction with provided duration. All network members have access to the marketplace, allowing users to choose a convenient way to trade their NFTs from the Cleeps collection. For creator donations and video promotions, Using the CLEEPS token, the user can donate to the creators they want to support and promote videos in the recommendation feed.

Cleeps has integrated RentableNFT for the NFT lending mechanism, allowing the token owner to send the token to another user for a limited time with the right to revoke the token at the end of the period. During this period, the user will be considered the owner of the token but will not be able to transfer it to anyone else. The renter gets the special and unique bonuses the creator puts in the NFT rent terms.

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