ChessNFT, what is it?

ChessNFT, what is it? This project comprised of a decentralized team focused on developing the infrastructure and free software for TON OS.


CHESSNFT provides an SDK interface that allows developers to quickly develop blockchain-based games.

To be more precise, CHESSNFT’s game developers write game strategies based on the smart contract mechanism of blockchain technology, which validates the game’s identity by consuming main chain tokens. Any game developer, including individuals, studios and enterprises, can apply to join CHESSNFT to make and publish blockchain games.

During the process of participating in the game, players will consume the corresponding tokens in their accounts according to the smart contract strategy set by the game to complete the game tasks or acquire the game virtual assets.

All virtual assets owned by players are recorded in the ETH chain network and cannot be tampered with. At the same time, various virtual assets can be exchanged digitally through TRX online games, which consumes a certain amount of TRX (gas).

ChessNft, technical description:

The CHESSNFT asset TRX chain locates the position of the block containing the transaction in the block chain through bi-directional/joint protocol, proves that the action has indeed taken place, and realizes the asset locking and transfer process.

From the perspective of blockchain, the decentralized server framework specially designed for games can not only meet the needs of individual developers and small game development teams to produce games, but also provide mature large-scale game development and operation solutions for professional game companies.

CHESSNFT Provides Game Development Companies With The Following Technology And Innovation Solutions:

CHESSNFT integrated multi-chain (ETH/BSC/HECO/TRX), when the game is connected to a chain can be arbitrarily added to other chains, without repeated access.

The game side in reference to Gmatrixs SDK and traditional SDK integration is basically no difference, and there is no need to learn the use of the chain, just according to the document operation can achieve fast access.

When the two parties of the transaction have different game virtual assets that need to be exchanged,
CHESSNFT automatically establishes the smart contract of the transaction. The establishment of the smart contract will consume the tokens of both parties, and the assets of both parties are submitted to the two-way/ joint agreement for locking.

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