Chainswitch, the ultimate cross-chain DEX aggregating protocol


Chainswitch, the ultimate cross-chain DEX aggregating protocol. Find out more about the project and direct access to its website.

Chainswitch is committed to developing decentralized web3 relational applications.

DeFi innovation has ushered in a new era of practical applications and driven the development of open finance. That’s what motivated the team who created this project: a huge market and a huge need to be filled.

Chainswitch, what is it?

Chainswitch is a decentralized crypto exchange that enables secure seamless swaps across multiple blockchains in a single transaction without intermediary bridge, chain or asset.

A fully composable native asset cross-chain aggregator with unified liquidity supporting over 20+ blockchains, 40+ DEXs and more than 20,000 crypto assets.

Here are three special features to keep in mind:

  1. Chainswitch is a permissionless automated market maker implemented as a set of fixed open-source smart contracts deployed across supported blockchains. Users always maintain self-custody of their funds and liquidity providers are always solvent and verifiable on chain by the open-source code.
  2. Users can earn rewards from staking pools and collect fees by providing liquidity to support the project’s development.
  3. Chainswitch permits limit orders that allow users to buy or sell a token at a desired predetermined price point. Chainswitch cross-chain DEX offers users the opportunity for order book trades to be automatically executed after certain set conditions are met.

Liquidity pools and staking

Liquidity providers (LPs) are network participants who deposit their assets in these pools (i.e. asset-specific virtual reservoirs). In doing so, they become owners of a share in that particular pool for as long as they keep their assets inside it – this is known as staking. In exchange for adding their assets to the pools, LPs earn rewards, while swappers (who use the pools to exchange assets) incur fees, which are distributed proportionally to the pool owners.


$SWTCH is the official governance token of Chainswitch.
$SWTCH smart contract is fully audited by both CFG & Analytix Audit. Liquidity pool tokens are securely locked. This means zero risk to users and our community.
Tax: 3%

Direct access to the official website

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