Carbon Neutral EcoSystem, CNES is a responsible community

Carbon Neutral EcoSystem, CNES is a responsible community. We need a lever to save the earth, and CNES wants to be an effective lever.

Carbon Neutral EcoSystem

Carbon Neutral EcoSystem, we cannot afford to fail in our mission to save a living planet.

The different levers we want to use:

Tree farms/urban forests

Forest agriculture is intentionally modified or maintained to provide shade levels and habitats that promote growth and improve production levels.

New energy infrastructure

Investment in renewable energy infrastructure and the need to reduce carbon emissions will be as important a goal after the pandemic crisis as before.

Low and Zero Carbon Technologies

LZC technologies can bring a building’s CO2 emissions closer to zero.

In the crypto news we come across a lot of projects, but some are more important and have a greater usefulness than others, this one is particularly interesting and deals with an important subject.

Carbon Neutral EcoSystem, FAQ:

What is carbon neutral?

In the simplest of terms, carbon neutrality means having net-zero carbon dioxide emissions. To achieve this, you have to balance carbon emissions with carbon removal. For every amount of carbon, a company or country produces, it should be taking steps to remove the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere if it wants to achieve carbon neutrality.

Of course, like most things in life, carbon neutral is a lot easier said than done, and while countries and organizations have been making promised to become carbon neutral for a while, the results have been mixed.

Many companies, organizations, and countries will attempt carbon offsetting, which is a term to describe creating less or no emissions in one place to make up for carbon emissions elsewhere. Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect system and there’s plenty of criticism about carbon offsetting being less than effective.

Why should i care?

The general consensus is climate change will eventually affect us all if we don’t start taking it seriously and changing the way we operate. It’s entirely possible that drastic effects of climate change could be felt within the next 10-20 years — it’s no longer something in the distant future.

There are lots of reasons to care about climate change. From food security concerns to actually loss of human life, climate change is a serious issue that requires attention from our governmental bodies, but that doesn’t mean that, as an individual, you can’t do something to help.

What can I do?

When it comes to achieving carbon neutrality as an individual, it can be a little tricky. Most people don’t have the time, resources, or money to ensure they are removing the same amount of carbon into the atmosphere as they are polluting, but that doesn’t mean you’re helpless. The issuance of CBC (Carbon Coin) can solve this problem well.

The holders jointly own a community wallet. We will announce the community wallet address in the later stage. All incoming and outgoing accounts are transparent. The destination of each fund will be determined by the community by voting.

Of course, the role of the community wallet is to promote CBC (Carbon Coin), new energy and environmental protection companies and institutions to cooperate to accelerate the realization of carbon neutrality. CBC is a tool to help you change the world.

Is $CBC (Carbon Coin) secure?

Our experienced team of developers and marketers understand that Pancakeswap is full of unethical people doing unethical things. Like all of us, you are likely to fall victim to scams in this area.

That’s why we take every step to ensure the coin is safe and your investment is safe.

After the release of CBC, you can expect two things: developers locking in the flow pool and relinquishing contract ownership, which means everything becomes infinitely fair.

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