Auragi, decentralized crypto-currency exchange protocol

Auragi Finance

Auragi, decentralized crypto-currency exchange protocol. Discover the characteristics of this ecosystem and the benefits it offers.

Auragi Finance is an ecosystem that believes in the mission of Ethereum as a solution to help humanity.

If you follow the news of decentralized finance, then this project should interest you as it offers a very interesting proposal and solution for those who follow the Arbitrum ecosystem.

The protocol wants to contribute to this by building on Arbitrum, the leading scaling solution for Ethereum.

The mission of this ecosystem is to be the base layer of liquidity for the Arbitrum ecosystem so that the protocols can drive user growth, transaction volume and push adoption.

Auragi Finance is an automatic market maker with ve(3,3) mechanics, based on Velodrome.

Auragi Finance, team profile:

A few words from the project creators:

We were Web 2.0 builders and we are uniquely building Web 3.0 on Ethereum layer-2. We aim to provide our users with the best defi experience on Arbitrum and we are focused on delivering results to our holders in the long run. Like many defi teams, we choose to remain anonymous while remaining transparent about everything about this project.

AGI tokens:

Auragi Finance uses two tokens to manage governance and utility:

– $veAGI with over 2000 voters as ERC-721 governance token
– $AGI with over 20000 holders as ERC-20 utility token

At launch, the initial offering is $AGI 400 million. It was planned to distribute $AGI and $veAGI to users and protocols that will contribute to the protocol’s mission of becoming the core liquidity layer of the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Vote to earn:

Holders vote to earn passive income by getting 100% of trading fees and 100% of bribes from the liquidity pools they vote for. Users can vest $AGI tokens at any time to receive $veAGI. The lock period can be up to 4 years, following the linear relationship shown below:

  • 100 $AGI locked for 4 years will become 100 $veAGI
  • 100 $AGI locked for 1 years will become 25 $veAGI

The longer the vesting time, the higher the voting power and the more rewards!

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