Scary Games and its SCY token

Scary Games and its SCY token. Discover this game platform that interacts with the metaverse.

Scary Games

Scary Games, on the Monster Metaverse, you get rewarded in either $SCY, $JAWS or $CAKE by playing.

Scary Games, explanations:

At Scary Doors game each door NFT is an portal to a metaverse for play to earn by scary games. The door work like an land and is the territory for the production of the screams that in certain level to generate scary tokens to the monster owner. As a door NFT owner you will be able to create an scary scenario Metaverse build and controled by the door owner. As for an monster, more funny is your metaverse more scare can be to the monster!

Every time an monster knock at your door and squeeze to inside of your metaverse the door owner receive 10% of monsters rewards, as the best way to take a part from this play to earn game and generate passive income just by holding the door nft. Doors can be trades on market place.
100 doors will be released at market by time till reach 300 unique doors, all digital arts are reserved rigths for Imagine Virtual Studios pt.

The objective of the game is to be able to scare the inhabitants of the metaverse of the doors NFT holders, acquiring experience and during the lifetime of the monster NFT he will be able to generate more and more rewards, each scare has a level of production of scary tokens ranging from 1 to 10 tokens per match, and not all scares can be successful, NTF doors are a portal to another world that can be customized one by one creating the scene for monster-to-monster battles in the future that can ble played in VR, also generating passive income to the creator of the scene owner of the NFT holder.

SCY token:


100.000.000,00 de scary tokens total

50.000.000,00 rewards pool (50%)

5.000.000,00 ido (5%)

5.000.000,00 private sell (5%)

10.000.000,00 public sell (10%)

10.000.000,00 cex hot wallet (10%)

5.000.000,00 Second Reward wallet (5%)

15.000.000,00 pancakeswap (15%)

Scary Games, how to play:

Only an Monster NFT holder have the key for all NFT doors at Scary Doors Metaverse, by clicking Enter an door, the pulley system will select randomly one NFT door to interact, till reach all doors and restart, the scare level will be calculate by an odds calculator integrated with Chailink VRF this will interact to the smart contract to generates an amount of scary tokens that can be from 1 to 10 units.

As each monster is an unique piece of art NFT our drawings are made one by one by Portuguese and European artists, this special NFT keep growing on experience by enter doors, how more experience is an monster there will be more chance to the scare be successfull and also increase the scare level bringing more rewards for the player and doors onwer with all metadata integrated to

The monster can go through 5 doors daily for free, after this the monster must recovery his energies, after 24 hours he has enough energy to scare again, the monster owner or renter can also buy energy with scary tokens SCY to keep scaring.

After 100 successfull scares niv up till level 500

Each level up rewards the owner with 10 Scary tokens, the monster always level up inside the door metaverse generating passive income to the NFT holder.

By level up, the monster holder receives rewards in scary tokens as is necessary to level up in order to be able to give birth to an new monster by generation of an egg, each monster owner can claim for free an egg NFT after reunited all the conditions for it (coming soon). An monster will be able to give an egg in an cicle of 3 months generating a new and unique monster NFT.

The monster NFT can be sold on market place or even can be part of lending program for others players who don’t have an monster by a fixed bnb price, can join the battle arena the rented monster, comming soon.

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