Altsignals, Leading The Way In AI Powered Trading Algorithms


Altsignals, Leading The Way In AI Powered Trading Algorithms. Find out more about this new ecosystem and direct access to its website.

AltSignals is set to revolutionize your trading experience by taking its already successful business to new heights with a revolutionary upgrade powered by cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and advanced sentiment analysis.

Altsignals, what exactly are we talking about?

Since 2017, AltSignals has been a market leader in delivering top-performing signals and algorithms across a range of financial markets, including crypto, Binance Futures, Forex, CFD and shares. Its commitment to excellence is reflected in its fast approaching 500 reviews on Trustpilot, with a current average score of 4.9/5.

This ecosystem has established its presence in the market with impressive numbers. It has a community of over 52,000 traders with over 1400 VIP members, has sent over 3782+ signals with an average accuracy of 64%, and has raised an incredible $2.2m in revenue.

The goal is to become the top choice for traders seeking a competitive edge.

This project is poised to take the company to the next level by building an AI ecosystem based on a clear agenda.

Integrating AI technology with the proven AltAlgo™ indicator will create a significant advantage for $ASI and AltSignals traders.

What is $ASI Token and why invest in it?

AltSignals will be a pioneering provider of AI-driven trading solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology to empower traders and investors.

With a commitment to driving innovation and optimizing performance, this ecosystem offers a comprehensive suite of AI-based tools for enhanced investment decision-making.

4 things to remember:

  • Gain membership for the AltSignals AI Ecosystem (ActualizeAI).
  • Gain increasing levels of access to the new AI system, based on the number of tokens held.
  • 50K $ASI token holders can mint a limited edition ‘Access AI Pass’ that activates a passive income opportunity on all new products released to the trading community.
  • Gain access to the AI Members Club’, allowing you to contribute ideas towards the development of new products and gain early access to features.

Token Utility: $ASI


Mint ActualiseAI Access Pass 50,000 – $ASI tokens will ensure you can mint a very exclusive and very valuable access pass that not only locks you into the highest tier of membership available at AltSignals. But also to share in the success of the business with a revenue share model on all new products created and voted for by the community.

Future AI-powered products

It is planned to apply the relevant layers of the AI stack to all other existing signals and algorithms once ActualizeAI has been proven successful.

The AI Members Club

This is where everyone will want to be involved. Here is the one big opportunity in the ecosystem to earn $ASI as rewards for contributing ideas and feedback on product development, and beta testing tools. This is where members will accrue $ASI tokens each week outside of their membership level requirements to either hold or sell to realize profits.

Trading Tournaments

As already successfully applied on another decentralized trading platform, you’ll be able to take part in trading contests. Join our trading tournaments and put your skills to the test. Compete against other traders and strive for the highest returns. Showcase your expertize and trade your way to the top for a chance to win monetary prizes, like $ASI tokens, and recognition as a top trader. The competitions will be open to all levels, from professional traders to individual investors and students. Don’t miss this opportunity to demonstrate your trading prowess and take your investment strategy to the next level!

Community Governance

Community governance at Alt Signals refers to the process by which stakeholders in a decentralized network make decisions about the direction and development of the project. In a community-governed cryptocurrency, decision-making power is decentralized and given to the holders of the project’s tokens, who are considered members of the community.

Direct access to the official website

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