SIRIUS, first Telegram operated volume bot


SIRIUS, first Telegram operated volume bot. Find out more about the project and its token, as well as direct access to its website.

SIRIUS token is a meme and utility token, operated and founded by an experienced team. Inspired by the 2009 event by the Bitcoin developer with the same name-sake—SIRIUS.

SIRIUS, about the project:

Just like with the real life event for Bitcoin in 2009 that gave $BTC it’s first $USD value, we aim for the $SIRIUS launch to be just as ground-breaking. 1 brave person kicked off the start of generations of wealth, just like $SIRIUS plans to kick off generations of wealth for so many.

The $SIRIUS project has great potential for growth as a speculative meme coin and and less-speculative price action based on developments that bring value to $SIRIUS (more on development later). In the current crypto climate, while attention paid to purely speculative cryptoassets like meme coins are slightly beginning to wane, the market is still very much alive and active. $SIRIUS plans to take advantage of this current ‘hype’ by being well-funded and strategically deploying it’s funding to become the topic of conversation…

To become the ‘topic of conversation’ means adoption is near! Adoption is the goal. The team invites the community to join in and take advantage of the opportunities presented by $SIRIUS, Note: the community is key, but there is a small tax on buy/sells that will allow the team to maintain continued growth. 8% of the $SIRIUS supply was otc-sold in a private sale to secure some of this funding too!

The goal is to make $SIRIUS the go-to cryptocurrency for token launching platforms and exchanges, with a robust and scalable infrastructure that can handle large volumes of launches

Setting the value:

The ‘FIRST Launch Pad’ for FIRST $SIRIUS will utilize smart contract technology, enabling automated and immutable, self-executing contracts to set the value for new projects launching on Ethereum.

Not only will the $SIRIUS ecosystem quite literally be setting the value for other Ethereum projects as their presales are hosted on the FIRST Launchpad, but the entire system is designed to bring value to the native token $SIRIUS in every manner possible.

From the token locker platform, to the payment for use of the Launchpad in $SIRIUS or $ETH equivalent— it will all be directed back into funding and bringing benefit to $SIRIUS.

Direct access to the official website

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