Acria Network, what is it?

Acria Network, what is it? Learn more about the goals, objectives and features of this ecosystem as well as its official website.

Acria Network

Acria Network, Cross-Chain Real World Data Network.

Goal: powering the growing DeFi market with off-chain-data

No middleman required leading to higher security and lower fees

Acria Network introduction:

One of the most pressing issues when developing smart contracts is the lack of real-world data. But due to technical limitations, such as the consensus protocol, no blockchain has been able to solve this major limitation. The Acria Network solves exactly this problem with the help of so-called Oracle Nodes that don’t require a middleman. In addition to this, it offers cross-chain support to supply various blockchains with real-world data.

The Acria Ecosystem


The Leading Oracle Solution


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The Leading NFT Community

Things to remember:

  1. Every single process has to be optimized to allow cross-chain communication with various different blockchains. On top of this, as many crypto currencies as possible should be use-able as collateral and therefore stake-able.
  2. By allowing the user to use their preferred crypto-currency as collateral, this ecosystem completely eliminates the hassle of acquiring the currency used by the network. In addition, each end-user program is optimized to be simple and as straightforward as possible to use.
  3. By design, the Acria Network is designed to allow the easy implementation of publicly available data by the initial distributor of that data. This guarantees that the network is always up to date with the needs of its users. On top of this it is able to keep the latency very low and the throughput high.
  4. The Acria Network only allows the owner of the data to operate an oracle node. The other users are then allowed to stake their preferred currency on those oracle nodes.
  5. Should the operator of the oracle publish incorrect data, some of the stakers gains will be slashed. Therefore the stakers give validity to the data provided by the oracle node as they prefer to only stake on the most trustworthy nodes.
  6. Those who follow decentralized finance news know that most Defi projects are faced with a complete lack of real-world data on the blockchain. The Acria Network aims to feed these Defi projects with this desperately needed real-world data.
  7. In order to ensure this, the Acria Network takes various steps to ensure that each project is able to implement this data, regardless of which blockchain it is on.
  8. Because of this design goal, the Acria Network also accepts most crypto-currencies as fees.
  9. Oracle nodes are an integral part of the Acria network. Oracles are so to say the link between on-chain data and off-chain data. Oracle nodes achieve this by supplying the blockchain with required real-world data such as exchange rates for various currencies or even the current population of various countries.
  10. And much more…

Direct access to the official website

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