WorkerTown, what is it?

WorkerTown, what is it? It’s a play to earn game on Binance Smart Chain. Discover its characteristics and its official website.


WorkerTown is a game inspired by many play-to-earn game series bringing through pixelart, a challenging look and a neat aesthetic.

Become the owner of your own town where you can choose to adopt workers to work in your town for a salary, breed them to get powerful combinations or buy a house and let the workers rest faster and even rent your own beds.

This ecosystem is built on Binance’s Smart Chain which gives players full control of their digital assets to participate in an enjoyable gaming environment. Both houses and workers will be minted to the ERC-721 standard and can be traded freely on our own NFT marketplace.

The main goal is to create a long-term balanced gaming environment for players to enjoy their daily gaming quest while being able to collaborate between those who need a game with a low-end entry cost and those who choose a high-end entry cost as well.

WorkerTown, a play to earn game that has of course its own token, the WTN.

The WTN token has a supply of 2.500.000 tokens.

What are COINS?

COINS is the internal currency that is used within the game for all types of transactions. (Upgrading houses, buying beds, food)

When a worker comes back to Town after finishing work, they will produce their Salary in COINS.

Exhausted Workers will rest in Houses with beds the same amount of time they work!

Each Worker, when returning from a job, will pay you an amount of COINS depending on time and rarity.

These COINS will be used in the game to adopt Workers, buy houses, beds, food, health potions and exchange COINS – WTN and vice versa. Which will benefit your game.

WorkerTown, how it works:

Workers are adopted from the Tavern using COINS each. The price of adopting will vary and will be increased on demand automatically. Each Worker has a Salary that represents the income that they will generate in their working shift.

After completing a full working shift and being Called Back on The Tavern, the Worker will need to rest(the rest time will be equal to the time worked).

The houses in Worker Town play a very important role, because when the Workers come back from work they need to rest so we will need space in the houses to send them to rest, also we will need a bed.

Direct access to the official website

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