Wolf Den, what is it? Is it for you?

Wolf Den, what is it? Is it for you? A unique crypto-currency project, find out why?

Wolf Den

Wolf Den is a decentralized community dedicated to teaching crypto-investors how to create passive wealth, hedge their bets, and take calculated moonshots. Membership in The Wolf Den is designed to first help investors avoid mistakes, and then create a reliable, passive income system. Once they have a reliable system in place and know how to navigate the space, we can guide them through pre-sales, high-risk plays, and even entire portfolios of large caps.

In a space obsessed with hype, panic and catch-up pumps, we teach people how to slow down and design their wealth (or “eff-you money” if you will). We have two tokens that make up our ecosystem; one offers opportunity, the other offers access.

In the context of current events in decentralized finance, we would like to emphasize the fact that this first token, Wolfies, has been a massive success – it’s gone up more than 30x from the presale price in just 2 days. Guardian is a second asset designed to give our community an additional layer of access, accountability and additional return. The Guardian presale was filled in just 50 seconds.

Wolf Den, which problems are solved thanks to platform?

Crypto-currencies are attractive because of their huge upside potential and decentralized nature. However, with upside comes risk and with the decentralized nature comes confusion, there is no single governing entity that benefits investors who understand the infrastructure or how to best use its system based on their personal priorities. Thus, newcomers, and even those who have been in DeFi for a long time, are only scratching the surface. They stumble around in the dark, so to speak.

Most investors are “trying to pick the next hot coin” and losing a lot of their hard-earned capital in the process.

Chasing moonshots is not a strategy that can be repeated or sustained.

Fortunately, there are numerous opportunities across the Binance Smart Chain (as well as the Ethereum and Polygon chains) that are much safer, more reliable, and yield enormous returns without watching charts, losing sleep, or losing your life savings.

So to answer the question…

The problem is that most crypto investors are unaware of over 99% of the opportunities in front of them, how to hedge their bets, how to lock in upside and fund their priorities reliably.

That is why we created the Wolf Den; to help people slow down and strategically close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be – without losing sleep over it

The Wolfden is, first and foremost, a community where people can feel safe in crypto.

An oasis of stability in a sea of uncertainty.

Unlike other crypto projects, we will encourage you to invest in other assets and let our members see, in real-time, what we are investing in and why.

Wolf Den, Guard token and Wolfies token

Our Mods, admins and support team are working hard to drive the value of $WOLFIES and $GUARD to the moon by making it an asset that our best holders refuse to sell due to the benefits of holding.

Of course, both tokens can be day traded or held just like any other coin in this space and the price will fluctuate just the same. For those that want to get in and get out with a profit quickly, be sure to read the Differentiation Section so that you know exactly how to do that.

For those who want to hold for higher levels of access and get rewards for pooling and farming The Wolf .

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