What is XRGB?


What is XRGB? Find out more about the aims and features of this new ecosystem, as well as direct access to its official website.

What is XRGB? Here are the characteristics of the project, including its token.

XRGB redefines interoperability between Bitcoin and ERC404 assets.

What is XRGB?


The XRGB project is dedicated to improving the liquidity and utility of assets within the BTC ecosystem.

It aims to enable a wide range of applications, including DeFi scenarios, social finance (SocialFi) use cases, various staking rewards and more.

This ecosystem also allows you to accumulate your favorite BRC20s on selected EVM channels to unlock surprise NFTs!

The aim is to provide a complete and unique service to users of the BTC. This by facilitating transparent interactions and transactions. The aim is to encourage and foster a dynamic and integrated financial environment. This will be achieved by unlocking the full potential of digital assets within the Bitcoin framework.

What is XRGB Token?

The XRGB Token is the lifeblood of the XRGB ecosystem, designed to empower, facilitate, and reshape the way users interact within our digital landscape. This token is a key to a richer, more collaborative digital experience, serving a multitude of purposes, from enabling exclusive benefits and value capture across our products.

Token Metrics

  • Public sale: 5% TGE 100% across two platforms
  • Private sale: 2.5% TGE 0% 12 month linear vesting
  • Community Incentive: 50% Distribute after mainnet
  • Ecosystem: 17.5% TGE 10% 12 month linear vesting
  • Marketing Reserve: 10% CEX listing, KOL payment and so on
  • LP: 5%
  • Team: 10% TGE 0% 24 month linear vesting

XRGB wallet:

This layer comprises modules that facilitate interaction with the underlying blockchain networks. Its primary focus is on the BTC blockchain, Lightning Network, and other BTC Layer2 blockchains and protocols. It facilitates asset management, message signing, and transaction execution on these blockchains. Additionally, XRGB USB seamlessly integrates various interoperable blockchains, protocols, and assets within the BTC ecosystem.

The Protocol Layer supports various protocols, including:

Babylon Staking Protocol: Allows users to stake BTC directly from the wallet to become candidates for different POS blockchains’ validators.

Lending Protocol: introduces support for borrowing and lending of the assets in BTC layer2s and other mainstream blockchains through a pool-based liquidity protocol, utilizes the design of Compound v2

AMM: To unlock easy access to trading for BTC Layer2s users, XRGB wallet introduces a decentralized exchange (DEX). The DEX serves as capital source for liquidations on in the liquidity protocol, follows the Uniswap v2 design for wrapped BTC with any other crypto assets and Curve StableSwap AMM for low-slippage swaps between assets, e.g., BTC and wrapped BTC.

Bridge Protocol Support: Facilitates interoperability with various blockchain assets through protocols like XRGB USB, CoreDAO bridge, and others.

Stamps Protocol: A Protocol for Storing Images On-Chain in Transaction Outputs Immutably on Bitcoin, embedding base64-formatted image data using transaction outputs in a novel fashion.

Babylon Staking


Babylon’s protocol for Bitcoin staking enables owners of Bitcoin to directly stake their Bitcoin towards POS blockchains, eliminating the need for intermediary custody, bridging, or wrapping services.

It offers economically enforceable security assurances for PoS networks and facilitates rapid unbonding of stakes, thereby improving liquidity for Bitcoin stakers.

Babylon protocol is crafted as a flexible module, ensuring compatibility with a range of PoS consensus mechanisms, and lays the groundwork for the development of further re-staking protocols.

Security Guarantees

Babylon’s Bitcoin staking protocol ensures these security features:

Fully Slashable PoS Security: If there’s a breach of safety rules, it’s certain that one-third of the Bitcoin stakes will be penalized.

Staker Security: Staked bitcoins are guaranteed to be safe and redeemable, as long as the staker (or the validator it delegates to) follows the protocol honestly.

Staker Liquidity: The process to unbind staked Bitcoin is both secure and fast, negating the need of social consensus.

There are many more staking possibilities from this project, which you can discover on their website.

Direct access to the official website

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