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What is Crypt? The Crypt is the first NFT museum in the world, but not only that, get all the information about its ecosystem.

What is Crypt?, the crypt space

What is Crypt? Crypt, this name comes from a sacred underground place, usually used as a vault that holds treasure.

In the space of this crypt is the world’s first NFT museum, our little niche…

We provide individuals and projects with services that will enhance their potential. We are not just an NFT clearinghouse, but a comprehensive portfolio tracking and project initiation tool, and much more.

We strive to operate as an independent, self-sustaining ecosystem covering as much ground as possible. And we pride ourselves on our accessibility and connectivity.

A paradigm shift has just begun in the art world, with conventional boundaries being pushed back every day.

A financial revolution is underway in the world and the main driving force is crypto-currencies.

There is an unparalleled demand in both sectors and our team has managed to combine the best of both worlds to play on this demand.

Through our project, discover an international team whose vocation is to participate in the liberation of artists and their values.

What is Crypt?

What is Crypt? Our participation in the liberation of artists, here’s how:

Here is an international team of artists and developers who are happy to be part of the paradigm shift in the art world.

The expected growth of the NFT market will eclipse the sales figures for 2020 and 2021. In 2020 the total value of NFT sales was about $250 million. By the first quarter of 2021, the value of NFT sales was already a staggering $2 billion!

Because of the projected growth of NFTS, it is becoming increasingly viable to make a living from your art. from your art. And this ecosystem is here to make it happen for you.

We offer:

Promotion, 0% commission for artists, + royalty feature included as well as native token, the $Crypt

The Crypt Platform are solutions to many problems, here is an example:

Shipping conventional art is an expensive, slow, and even somewhat risky process.

Because of the way blockchain works, it negates all of these things.

Buying NFT using $Crypt costs the buyer almost nothing because we have opted for a balance approach. even. (Premium members pay nothing at all) In the long run, we plan to ship physical art and merchandise via postal services for those who prefer to hold something.

People will be able to purchase merchandise from our partners and ourselves through the E-commerce store. This store is however not a priority for us at the moment.

Direct access to the site

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