WagerBot, new realm of entertainment and rewards


WagerBot, new realm of entertainment and rewards. Discover the features and goals of this new ecosystem.

WagerBot allows Telegram users to deposit crypto and compete against their friends in a variety of games, with the ability to wager real money. 100% of fees collected by the platform are redistributed to $VS token holders.

Play, Pledge, and Pocket Wins!

Start 1v1 games for FREE and immerse yourself in a world where classic games meet the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency. With WagerBot, you can deposit crypto and challenge your friends in games like Connect 4 and TicTacToe. Prepare for epic battles, immense fun, and real crypto prizes!

WagerBot – FAQ:

What are the fees for using the bot?

  • Games incur a 2% fee, deducted from total winnings
  • Zero deposit or withdrawal fees (apart from gas fees)

What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal?

The minimum is $15 per withdrawal and deposit due to Ethereum gas fees

Is there a minimum and maximum wager?

There is a $1 minimum and a $2000 maximum wager per game

Are my funds safe?

Your funds are custodied by a third-party custody service, reducing the risk but not eliminating it. There is no need to connect a wallet or provide private keys, which can aid in reducing risk also.

How does revenue sharing work?

  • Simply stake your $VS tokens in our Dapp to qualify
  • Staking, there is no minimum stake, no minimum claim, and no lockup time
  • Bear in mind that any transaction costs Eth gas, so best to minimise the amount of claims
  • The amount of revenue earned by a user is calculated by revenue generated / the user’s share of the pool. This means the more tokens you stake, the more revenue you earn

What is the revenue share comprised of?

  • 100% of fees generated by the game (2% fee is taken on each game played)
  • 1% of token transaction volume

Is this the full functionality of the Dapp?

No, this is solely v1 of the Dapp and we will look to introduce auto compounding and other features later down the line.

VS token:

The VS token serves as the central currency of the VS Gaming Platform, enabling users to earn rewards from game fees and participate in a unique ecosystem where classic games meet the dynamic world of cryptocurrency on Telegram.


  • 100,000,000,000 tokens, fully circulating
  • 100% fair launch, with no pre-mine or pre-sale. 100% of tokens were added to liquidity at launch
  • 5% tax on transactions, divided into: 1% to holders, 4% to marketing and development expenses
  • 2% max wallet to ensure equitable distribution of tokens
  • 100% of bot revenue distributed to holders

Discover the gaming revolution today and elevate your Telegram experience. Get ready to play, pledge, and pocket wins like never before. Start your crypto-charged journey with Wager now!

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