Virtual Protocol – Decentralized AI x Gaming Protocol

Virtual Protocol

Virtual Protocol – Decentralized AI x Gaming Protocol. Discover the features of this new ecosystem, its objectives, and direct access to its website.

Virtual Protocol provides incentives for creating and monetizing AI personas decentralized in every virtual interaction, such as gaming, metaverses, online interactions, or beyond.

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Virtual Protocol – introduction:

The Virtual Protocol is like a decentralized factory that produces various AI features that can respond via text, voice, and motion for various virtual worlds, such as games or online spaces. It’s all about making and selling these AI personas in a way that everyone involved gets something out of it. Think of it as creating digital characters that can do anything from acting like a character from a movie to helping you write a horror story or even being a digital version of yourself.

Virtual Protocol – building at the intersection of gaming and AI

In order to achieve this goal, the protocol incentivizes individuals to contribute their expertise and concepts. Individuals who contribute data and develop AI models are compensated for their efforts, ensuring a continuous influx of top-notch talent. Validators, responsible for verifying and ensuring smooth operations, also receive rewards. This approach maintains high quality standards and fosters trust in our creations among everyone involved.

DApp founders who develop applications using these AIs find it incredibly effortless to integrate into our system and craft engaging, immersive experiences without encountering significant technical complexities. This streamlined process enables them to launch their products quicker and at a reduced cost. Moreover, for IP contributors who hold rights to specific characters or stories, this presents a fresh avenue to generate income and maintain the popularity of their content.


An AI x Metaverse Protocol shaping the future of virtual engagements. Envision a forthcoming era merely a screen away—a time where the realms we immerse ourselves in from our workstations and sofas transcend being mere escapes to becoming extensions of our daily existence. This signifies the direction we’re heading toward—a period where our lives seamlessly blend with the virtual, allowing us to create, engage, labor, and connect.

The shift toward virtual domains isn’t a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’. We find ourselves already halfway there, fixated on screens, our laughter reverberating within digital arenas. It won’t be long before we fully immerse ourselves in these realms, establishing abodes within pixels and bytes.

Within this digital landscape, it’s the interactions that hold significance—the excitement of exploring a novel gaming universe, the thrill of being acknowledged by a beloved influencer, the joy of achieving victory alongside friends. These moments heighten our dopamine levels, and we’re constructing a future where they’ll proliferate.



Designed to align incentives and increase value to all stakeholders

Within the VIRTUAL ecosystem, a dual-token model facilitates both general and targeted participation:

  • $VIRTUAL Token: This is the primary currency that fuels the ecosystem, serving as a utility token for transactions, governance, and staking. It’s the lifeblood of the platform, enabling users to access, utilize, and contribute to the diverse functionalities within the VIRTUAL landscape.
  • $[VIRTUAL-Specific] Tokens: Imagine FriendTech model for each VIRTUALs. Planned for future implementation, these tokens will offer stakeholders a more focused investment and engagement opportunity with individual VIRTUALs.

This two-tiered token approach ensures broad-based participation with $VIRTUAL while allowing for targetted involvement through $[VIRTUAL-Specific] tokens, catering to diverse user engagement preferences within the ecosystem.

Direct access to the official website

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