VideoCoin, re-imagining the future of video by popularizing video NFTs

VideoCoin, re-imagining the future of video by popularizing video NFTs. The current goal is to bring video NFTs to everyone. Explanations and direct access to the official website


VideoCoin, powering Next-Generation Video Apps Built By You.

Here is a platform that will often be talked about in the NFT news, and here is why?

VideoCoin provides efficient and cost-effective video processing, whether you’re developing for on-demand or VR or livestreaming — or something completely new.

Musicians, Influencers, and Athletes are taking NFTs more seriously as they come back into the spotlight. Following high-profile NFT drops in the first quarter of the year, other public figures have since quietly spent their time developing their NFT strategies.

VideoCoin’s NFT technology is the perfect solution for the celebrities and musicians developing advanced and integrated NFTs and Marketplaces.

We are ready to take advantage of the increased desire for these partnerships and are well placed to participate in the future cementation of NFTs in the public sphere.

VideoCoin, getting started:

VideoCoin Network is decentralized video infrastructure that provides a simple API to easily stream videos to any device.

You can interact with the dedicated API using standard REST API libraries, such as queries on python.

We will be publishing getting started guides for python, ruby, go, php, node and others in the near future.

You will need to create a VideoCoin Network Console Account and fund it with VID before you can do any live streaming.


What is the VideoCoin Network?

The VideoCoin Network is a decentralized video infrastructure for the blockchain-enabled internet. VideoCoin uses the Blockchain to completely revamp the way users create, store, encode and distribute video content. Our revolutionary blockchain model has three key refinements that makes VideoCoin unique:

Eliminated token inflation by capping the lifetime token supply.

Reduce friction and spur adoption by removing payment variability. Content providers can pay for services in fiat and workers get paid in fiat.

The VID token optimizes network efficiency. VID has advanced functionality as a repetitional staking token.

How can I stream videos on the VideoCoin Network?

The network allows you to stream content today through the ecosystem’s network console.

Create an account and start streaming videos on the blockchain.

How does work get distributed throughout the network?

Workers are picked based on their reputation, which is determined by the number of VID staked, length for which it has been staked and the quality of work the Worker does. The process of proof-of-stake is described in the white-paper and the general approach remains the same. Implementation details are subject to change.

VID token, FAQ?

VideoCoin and VID token

Where can I trade VID?

VID is available on the KuCoin and Beaxy exchanges.

What is the total token supply for VID?

There is a permanent supply of 265 million VID tokens that have already been minted.

What is the main purpose of the VID token?

VID tokens enable the functionality of the network and ensure its stability and efficiency.

Direct access to the site

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