Vibing, what is it about?

Vibing, what is it about? Vibing is a Web3.0 personal homepage built entirely on blockchain technology.


Vibing it’s a complete platform for personal data generation and integration.

It’s not just steampunk, nor is it just the unruly madness of ignorant teenagers entering the world. It is the next era, a brave new world, the hope of the common man in the era of big data.

Vibing, vision and mission:

Vibing is the starting point for people looking to access the Web3 network, the checkpoint for entering the metaverse. Here, users are free to create their own cards with different roles and authorize access to cutting edge decentralized applications with their different identities, accompanied by different information weights. It’s also the gateway of return, where users return from the application to appreciate their harvest. Information is generated here, and presented, aggregated and shared.

Vision: Using blockchain as the underlying logic engine to provide the most stable, secure and convenient services in the Web 3.0 era.

Products and Features

Unlike other blockchain economies, Vibing is a great attempt to enable the application and implementation of blockchain technology. Every user can understand and agree to this newmodel through a process of experience-create-benefit-acceptance, using blockchain as their tool and weapon, and being the first to join and use web3. Web3.0 will eventually replace Web2.0.

Unique Attributes of Vibing Web3

  1. Network identity system revolution. Eliminate the centralized identification system of “account + password”, and use distributed digital identity (Decentralized ID, DID) to complete network identity authentication.
  2. Property rights revolution. Instead of relying on a centralized platform to secure property rights, the system is maintained based on decentralized Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
  3. The revolution of centralized platforms. Revolt against centralized platforms and use blockchain technology as a support to build a reasonable incentive and governance mechanism to replace the information and capital monopoly of centralized oligarchs.
  4. Revolutionary changes to privacy and personal data protection. Blockchain itself has features such as anonymization and de-trusting, which provides extremely strong protection for users’ personal data.

VBG token:

Total issue/supply: 1,000,000,000
VBGs will be created at the initial stage, but the majority of VBGs will be locked in for the long term. They will be released and supplied gradually over the next 3 to 4 years.

The distribution is as follows:

Community – 83%
Team – 10%
Seed (initial) outside investors – 5.5%
Advisors – 1%
Airdrop – 0.5%

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