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Versity, the first real estate metaverse allowing everyone to rent, buy and invest through the SITY Token. Introduction to the project.

Versity – the new era of real estate. If you follow the news from the metaverse and are interested in the real estate sector, then this project should be of particular interest to you.

Versity – introduction:

The creation of the VERSITY metaverse is opportunity to think long-term. In the future, everyone will be able to access certified data and make decisions more quickly and under better conditions.

The goal of the VERSITY Metaverse extends to becoming the central ecosystem for seamless, real-time interactions among all stakeholders engaged in property transactions.

In the envisioned future, transactions could be fully digitized, including the dematerialized signing of deeds.

Hence, the ambition with the VERSITY Metaverse is to digitize the entire real estate lifecycle.

Introducing the Next Generation of Real Estate

The VERSITY Metaverse stands as a persistent realm dedicated to the real estate domain, bridging the gap between the physical and virtual realms. Within this immersive space, individuals can engage in various activities such as buying, selling, or renting both tangible and digital assets. Additionally, users can manage properties, offer services, create and model environments, and earn rewards through the exchange token, SITY. VERSITY serves as the quintessential tool for navigating the Web 3.0 real estate landscape.

The objective is crystal clear: to establish a virtual real estate environment intricately linked to the physical world. This endeavor envisions reshaping the consumption of real estate and housing services in the coming years, fostering collaboration and decentralization. By offering novel tools and services to individuals, professionals, and investors, we aspire to revolutionize the sector and pave the way for a new era in real estate.

This is the reason the VERSITY Metaverse ushers in the era of Web 3.0 for the real estate sector.

This metaverse will offer virtual real estate as NFT Parsells, providing tangible, value-added services in both the physical and digital realms.

Moreover, the VERSITY Metaverse enables all users to earn income by managing services, utilizing the SITY token.

The VERSITY Metaverse aims to unify participants throughout the housing ecosystem, leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology. Our goal is to develop an intuitive Web 3.0 platform that blends 2D and 3D environments as needed, facilitating a space where users can discover, create, manage, or trade freely, without central oversight. This platform will be safeguarded through a decentralized network and the use of PARSELL NFTs, ensuring every virtual property is unique and tamper-proof.

Powered by SITY

The token is the essential basis of a metaverse. For the Versity project, it is the SITY. It is the exchange currency for all operations carried out in this universe created in the image of our real world, in virtual.

Metaverse VERSITY

This is the playground, the basic virtual universe. It is for everyone and o!ers a multitude of possibilities in the real and virtual world for:

  • Buy, sell or rent real estate anywhere in the world
  • Immersive viewing of real properties and their immediate surroundings wherever
    they are located
  • Customise real estate according to one’s desires
  • Propose and facilitate the o!er of real services (moving, financing, fitting out, etc.)
  • Access virtual properties in the form of NFT Parsell and generate income (rental and
  • O!er virtual services (3D design, architecture, design, etc.)

The VERSITY Metaverse is intended to be a replica of the real world in which it is possible to mint (create), sell or buy virtual plots of land in the form of NFT PARSELL. The di!erent countries and territories are divided into plots, corresponding to postal codes.

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