Tari World, build your own city!

Tari World, build your own city! Here is the platform that allows you to build your own cities powered by a metaverse.

Tari World

TARI WORLD is a platform that attracts influencers and individual users and allows them to build their own metaverse-powered towns.

This project offers a whole new virtual business zone to its users through Web 3.0-powered metaverse zone. Meanwhile, this ecosystem offers Real Estate NFTs and builds community and community-based NFT marketplace.

Based on the features, this platform aims to offer investment vehicles and new revenue streams to its users.

Here is what we can call a beautiful event that will mark for a while the news of the metaverse with this project that innovates and that we let you discover.

Tari World objectives:

TARI WORLD will provide all services related to total viral and business by grafting Web 3.0 technology for development of metaverse environment and blockchain technology for NFT issuance and transaction. Generation MZ, who can adapt and utilize this environment the quickest, shall be the core target; therefore entertainment services which meet their interest will be provided in the early stage of service, and the content pool will be gradually expanded.

TARI WORLD Foundation seeks to expand the service and provide big data to the companies participating in its ecosystem by analyzing users’ interests, dialogues and transaction patterns.

In addition, it provides a solution that enables investment in the platform by exchanging land properties through LAND NFT that serves as real estate using virtual reality technology.

The Foundation aims to enable like-minded users to build cities in the virtual metaverse, to occupy the NFT market through the TARI token and to set the standard for the best application of the technologies.

Tari token:

TARI, TARI WORLD metaverse’s native token, serves as a key currency for the ecosystem.

Users can participate in various economic activities and use various service features by using the token. TARI WORLD metaverse offers blockchain-powered objective and transparent transaction settings, and provides a platform safe from privacy issues and hacking attacks.

As this project aims to build a hyperdimensional platform where influence in the virtual world actually gets converted to influence in reality, this ecosystem tries to form an economic architecture that is closely linked to various services and real world economies.

Real Estate NFT:

TARI WORLD adopts the concept of LBM (Local Based Metaverse) which is recognized as a trend in the metaverse market. In this sense, TARI WORLD’s Real Estate NFTs include modeling and rendering on specific, real areas based on Google Maps and sell authentic NFTs rather than offering geometric buildings that do not exist in real world and yet offered in other metaverse platforms.

To fit well with the millennials and Generation-Zs, this metaverse puts popular local venues and shops as the millennials and Generation-Zs make up the greatest portion in the metaverse user pool.

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