StorageChain – decentralized cloud storage


StorageChain – decentralized cloud storage. Here are the features and benefits of this new ecosystem and direct access to its website.

StorageChain is a decentralized, cloud storage and file sharing platform, that uses a network of “storage nodes” to store data in a fully distributed manner.

StorageChain, features:

This ecosystem operates its own native blockchain (STOR), which enables its community to store, retrieve, and share files on the network. The StorageChain network is a decentralized peer to peer storage network cloud that is comprised of a group of storage nodes that store and retrieve files stored on the network.

IPFS (peer-to-peer) file sharing technology, data “sharding” and encryption technology, and a blockchain based distributed ledger.

The IPFS network is decentralized, meaning that it does not rely on a central server or authority to store and manage data.

Instead, data is stored on multiple nodes (computers) in the network, and the nodes work together to manage and share the data.

In contrast, the blockchain component is a decentralized, distributed ledger that records transactions between multiple parties.

StorageChain uses a network of computers to validate and record transactions in a secure and transparent way.

While IPFS and blockchain technology both have decentralized elements, they are designed for different purposes but combine their strengths to enable fast, secure, and inexpensive benefits of the StorageChain technology.

Decentralized storage is one of the most natural and meaningful, community driven crypto/blockchain use cases in existence today.

StorageChain Value Proposition

Data is becoming more expensive to store and Big Technology companies own, manage and have access to their customers data and original content. Historically companies would run their own internal and proprietary data centers.

The common belief was that handling their own data would never be trusted to a third party. That all changed at the advent of cloud data storage solutions. It was much less expensive and more secure to store data on the cloud, but the ownership and control of the data itself was the trade-off. Today data storage is evolving to the faster, more secure, and less expensive solution of decentralized data cloud solutions.

The transition is currently in its early stages and the potential upside is enormous. Data breaches and hacks are commonplace with the big siloed centralized data storage providers.

With StorageChain, customers get:

  1. To own and manage their content and data
  2. Ultra-secure, data “sharding” with encryption
  3. 10x faster uploads
  4. 75-80% less expensive than Web2
  5. Ability to mint NFT’s to further monetize original content
  6. Transfer and share large media files easily and securely
  7. Earn $STOR for providing storage space and bandwidth
  8. Ability to earn $STOR for providing POS Validator nodes
  9. Get involved early-on with a potential high growth company

Think “next generation” Drop Box, Google Drive or Amazon S3 – but built on a blockchain and delivered by IPFS Technology.

Direct access to the official website

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