FoxFunnies – introduction

FoxFunnies - introduction

FoxFunnies revolutionizes esports by leveraging blockchain technology. Here are the features of the project and direct access to its website.

FoxFunnies transforms the landscape of esports by harnessing the power of blockchain technology, uniting users worldwide through competitive gaming and tournaments.

FoxFunnies is dedicated to uniting gaming communities and building relationships through esports competitions.

Here’s a presentation of this ecosystem.

FoxFunnies – introduction:

According to a Fortune Business Insights report, the NFT-based Web3 gaming ecosystem is expected to account for nearly $614 billion in revenues by 2030. The blockchain-based gaming ecosystem is expected to grow by nearly 300% from its current valuation of $154 billion over the next seven years. If you follow GameFi news, you’ve already seen the dynamism in this sector.

With fox-themed rewards and decentralized governance, this project creates a dynamic ecosystem where players and meme enthusiasts unite for an inclusive and entertaining esports experience.

Problems and solutions:

The prevailing gaming market frequently restricts entry and favoritism toward a chosen few. Nevertheless, FoxFunnies is revolutionizing this landscape by establishing an all-embracing environment where every gamer enjoys equitable prospects.

This platform guarantees fairness by uniting gamers and nurturing direct connections among them. This achievement is facilitated by merging web3 technology with established gaming systems, thereby introducing fresh opportunities and dismantling obstacles for all enthusiasts to actively participate and flourish within the gaming community.

Within the present gaming sector, esports and tournaments encounter frequent hurdles stemming from currency differences. Various countries operate with distinct currencies and banking infrastructures, leading to obstacles in international transactions. Nonetheless, FoxFunnies introduces $FXN tokens, built on the Binance Smart Chain network, facilitating effortless transfers to users across the globe.

This method incurs no expenses compared to traditional financial systems, offering a more efficient and accessible avenue for gamers to engage on a global scale.

FXN token


Community Treasury (25%) — Linear vesting for 3 years; controlled ​by the community through governance

Founding Contributors (15%) — Linear vesting for 3 years with 6-​month cliff starting after Token Generation Event (TGE)

Private sale (10%) — Linear vesting for 2 years with 3- month cliff ​from TGE

Early Community Rewards (10%) — Reward for Community ​Members

Future Contributors & Future Advisors (10%) — Linear vesting for 4 ​years with 1-year cliff starting after joining the DAO

Owned Liquidity (30%) — Linear vesting for 3 years; controlled by ​the community through governance


Direct access to the official website

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