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Space ID – mission. Find out more about this ecosystem, its mission and direct access to its website.

Space ID is one-stop Web3 Domain & Identity Platform. Discover a single place for digital identities. This ecosystem is building a hub that will allow you to discover, register, exchange and manage .eth, .bnb, and .arb web3 domains all in one place.

Space ID – mission:

SPACE ID is building a universal name service network with a one-stop identity platform to discover, register, trade, manage web3 domains. It also includes a Web3 Name SDK & API for developers across blockchains and provides a multi-chain name service for everyone to easily build and create a web3 identity.

One Place for Digital Identities

As the world moves further into the web3 age, decentralized identities have become an increasingly crucial aspect of any web3 presence.

A vast number of domain name providers have emerged in a short period of time, and owning multiple identities became nothing new. However, whatever domain you own, finding, registering and managing different domains is always a headache. What’s more, existing NFT marketplaces are not designed for domain NFT exchange. If you follow NFT news, then you’re aware that this service meets a real need. ENS users have to set their primary names or controller on ENS App, while .bnb owners need to find a BNB Chain marketplace to list the .bnb domains they want to sell…

Enough of that! SPACE ID 2.0 thus offers a one-stop web3 domain & identity platform to discover, register, trade, and manage web3 domains. It also includes a web3 name SDK & API for developers across blockchains and provides a multi-chain name service for everyone to easily build and create a web3 identity.

SPACE ID 3.0 platform will equip communities with powerful tools to launch their desired Top-Level-Domain without any development effort.

One-stop Web3 Domain & Identity Platform

The SPACE ID one-stop web3 domain & identity platform is exactly what it sounds like. An innovative infrastructure that allows you to manage all aspects of your domains in one place. No more using multiple products for different domains. Everything you need is over here, in the palm of your hand at the same time.

It mainly arms the following four actions:

  • Discover: A central hub for users to search desired names in all supported TLDs, as well as discover trending domain collections. It supports functions like auto-suggesting and the quick check on the domain registration status
  • Register: Users can now register for all web3 domains on the SPACE ID Mainnet. The .bnb and .eth domains will be the first two TLDs to be supported in our first version of Mainnet.
  • Trade: A marketplace that is specifically designed for trading web3 domains, with aggregated liquidity from other marketplaces such as OpenSea
  • Manage: One single integrated portal to manage the renewal, record, and ownership of all your web3 domains

Multi-chain Name Service

SPACE ID introduced .bnb Name Service on BNB Chain and built a community of 168K unique domain holders within 6 months, and we are now bringing the multi-chain name service. As mentioned in previous posts, supporting more TLDs and blockchains is always one of the priorities of SPACE ID.

In the upcoming SPACE ID 2.0, we will not only continue focusing on .bnb Name Service, but also see some significant progress in terms of the support for more Top Level Domains. This includes but is not limited to the new TLDs that will be launched by the SPACE ID team, plus we are expecting to see other domain providers joining us with this ground-breaking multi-chain name service feature.

SPACE ID has already come in contact with many industry partners on various blockchains, and we are confident to share with you that the SPACE ID ecosystem will expand exponentially in no time. Stay tuned for more announcements in the following weeks.

To conclude, here are a few words from the Space ID team:

The objective of this ecosystem is simple; the vision of a universal name service network has been the driving force behind our work. At SPACE ID, we believe that the core of Web3 is to become the gateway between decentralized identities and the physical/digital world, and the key is finding solutions to the challenges that all the current Domain Services are facing. Although the current version of SPACE ID already marks an essential step towards making this objective a reality and serves as a strong foundation for future developments and advancements in the web3 identity space, ultimately getting there is not easy. But keep in mind that, with each new step, the goal of this project will always be to get closer to a universal, all-in-one digital identity solution.

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