MoonWilly reinvents the way to earn passive income

MoonWilly reinvents the way to earn passive income. The concept of generating passive return with exponential interest.


MoonWilly generating Yield with Infinite Interest. Holders Earn Passive Rewards in DAI (USD Stablecoin) every hour, forever.

MoonWilly, six important aspects to know:

Community Driven

The Dev team has locked LP tokens for 6 months and will participate fairly with the community. The protocol has a governance feature enabling community members to vote on proposals. Contract ownership will be locked and no modification will be possible.

Passive Yield and LP generation

8% of every transaction is redistributed towards holders in the form of DAI (USD). DAI is a stablecoin cryptocurrency which aims to keep its value as close to one USD as possible through an automated system of smart contracts. Why did we select DAI? Holders won’t need to be concerned about regulators freezing their assets or being blacklisted. This is not true for USDC, USDT, and BUSD.

A Minimum of 10,000 MoonWilly tokens are needed to receive rewards. You don’t need to claim your earned DAI. It will be sent automatically to your wallet every 60 minutes during high volume. During lower volume, it can take longer, but will always send automatically within a few hours.

What Triggers the DAI rewards?

The contract saves fees on every transaction. Once the contract token balance reaches a swap limit of 200K MNWL, then it automatically swaps MNWL => BNB => DAI. Accounts are paid in chronological sequence. If all qualified accounts do not get paid in one round, then the unpaid accounts are paid in continuation via the following round in chronological sequence.

MoonWilly Ecosystem & Charity Treasury

3% of each transaction funds the MoonWilly Treasury. These proceeds cover the costs of marketing, continuous development, charitable donations, business operations, and start-up costs, allowing for rapid growth and moving MoonWilly ever closer to reaching mass adoption.

Auto Burn

• 1% tax of every transaction will go to directly a Burn wallet address, otherwise known as the Black-Hole. The Burn wallet address will be blacklisted from getting DAI rewards


Sells are restricted to less than 0.1% of the total supply + an extra 3% fee is applied to all sells. This will allow us to reduce swing trading and break whales control. The 3% additional tax per sell is broken down as follows:
• 1% towards marketing: thanks for helping us spread the word about our project
• 1% towards the liquidity pool
• 1% Burn wallet address (MoonWilly tokens)

Liquidity Generation

3% of every transaction is automatically transformed into Locked Liquidity (LP tokens) on Pancakeswap, moreover consistently increasing the price floor.

Some highlights that characterize the project:

1. No IDO, no presale, no team tokens. The team fully funded the project and provided the cash for the PancakeSwap listing themselves. The team participated in the launch of the fair.

2. All tokens in dev wallet were burned. Devs do not hold a significant amount of tokens that could potentially be market sold on holders.

3. Voting and governance features were implemented into the contract. Essential in running a community driven project.

4. Unruggable, all LP tokens LOCKED for 6 months as a safety measure in the event that Pancakeswap is upgraded to V3, MoonWilly will not be stuck on V2 forever.

5. Contract Audited by Rug Detectives

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