MetaSphere, what is it?

MetaSphere, what is it? Discover an advanced Metaverse ecosystems open to everyone. Discover its characteristics and its official Twitter account.


MetaSphere is a metaverse platform run on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a platform that allows users to participate in various formats, allowing users to secure their virtual space through the LAND existing on the metaverse.

These virtual spaces can be used for a variety of purposes such as space for games, space for exhibitions, and space for conferences. MetaSphere aims to become a platform that can be accessed more easily even by those who do not understand virtual assets by implementing blockchain technology on metaverse to ensure safe ownership and provide various advantages such as scarcity, revenue generation, and interoperability.

In addition, MetaSphere will integrate with MetaRare token to enable users to use them in MetaSphere ecosystem, allowing users to utilize various token when using the platform.

MetaSphere marks the news of the NFT with its own ecosystem, here are some explanations.

Create, Trade and Play in the blockchain based. NFT Metaverse owned by players.

MetaSphere virtual world utilizes blockchain platforms and non-fungible token(NFT) to give autonomy and serve as a payment and operating medium with digital scarcity, security, and value.

The virtual world implemented by MetaSphere utilizes blockchain and NFT to give players and creators autonomy. NFT is an emerging field in the global game market and serves as a virtual token with digital scarcity, security, and authenticity. Each NFT has distinct or unique characteristics and cannot be exchanged or divided into others.

MetaSphere, business model:

MetaSphere mission is to establish a system that allows creators to create, play, share, and trade
without central control so that they can acquire MTSP token and secure safe copyright ownership.

The goal is to create key mechanisms that allow MetaSphere and MetaRare tokens to connect to the core value of the platform.

MTSP is an ERC-20 utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain and serves as a transaction base for avatars and items as a platform token within MetaSphere and is used for a variety of purposes. When creating an avatar, use MTSP to create it. Since then, avatars will be used continuously as proof of myself, and up to three avatars can be held for each wallet.

Your avatar can be produced with customized items. Users can represent themselves through avatars, participate in economic activities in the MetaSphere ecosystem, and play a pivotal role.

Customizing creators can acquire MTSP token through item creation and sales.

MetaSphere Land:

MetaSphere LAND is a (NFT with ERC-721 standards) blockchain-enabled virtual token and refers to the physical compartment of MetaSphere Metaverse. LAND allows players to own some of the metaverse and host contents (Assets and games).

The player’s specific LAND coordinates are determined by a permanent map. As in most blockchain games where player wholesalers are sold like real estate, the importance of the specific location of the domain depends on who is living and what is located near the playerowned LAND, so it is considered the most important factor. Similarly, there is a limited amount of LAND in MetaSphere, and once these locations are first determined in the map, they cannot move to other coordinates in the world map.

There is also an economic incentive for players to collaborate through an integrated LAND. For example, when multiple players collaborate together, they can create theme parks for them, and each member can share their experiences of creating their own cities by focusing on major attractions or villages with distinct colors. For each case, the team can organize strong incentives for players to visit and enjoy these creations together, which allows them to record more visitors and share more revenues.

The user will arrive at MetaSphere LAND after creating the first avatar. The LANDs existing in MetaSphere are connected as one and can be moved. Users who own the LAND can customize and represent their LAND and interact with users visiting the LAND. In addition, you can sign business contracts with each other through advertising and other LAND to exchange token and generate profits.

Each LAND consists of 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, and 6×6, and a sale will be held before launch.

Official Twitter account

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