Ice digital currency, introduction

Ice digital currency

Ice digital currency, introduction. Here are the features of this new ecosystem and direct access to its website.

Ice represents the latest digital currency that can be mined at no cost using your mobile device.

If you’re interested in and follow crypto news, then this project should be of interest to you, here’s why?

The conception of the Ice project aims to restore trust in digital assets and foster a genuine sense of community for individuals lacking the financial means to mine Bitcoin or those who have arrived too late to participate in the game.

ICE digital currency, FAQ:

What is Ice, and how does it operate?

Ice stands as a novel digital currency accessible for mining (or earning) through any mobile device.

The Ice network relies on a trust-based community, facilitated by an expanding user base committed to demonstrating the enduring value of digital currencies across diverse use cases.

To become part of the Ice network, users can promptly start earning and constructing their micro-communities by obtaining invitations from existing members.

How do you accumulate Ice?

To initiate the process of earning Ice, simply tap the Ice button to commence your daily mining session, ensuring you check in every 24 hours.

Collaborative mining with your friends enhances both your individual and team earning rates.

Each friend checking in simultaneously contributes to a 25% bonus on both your and their mining rates.

The initial mining rate begins at 16 Ice/h and undergoes a halving event at the first milestone, reducing it by half.

What are the possibilities with Ice?

Phase 1 (July 7th, 2023 – October 7th, 2024) is dedicated to accumulation, during which Ice members will expand their micro-communities and earn Ice coins for future utilization.

Through this ecosystem, the aim is to provide substantial value and utility to its community. In the initial phase of the project, a number of use cases and decentralized applications (dApps) have been unveiled that will integrate seamlessly into the project. These applications and dApps will present

Moving into Phase 2 (from October 7th, 2024), the Mainnet will be launched, enabling members to utilize Ice for tasks such as sending, receiving, exchanging, or making payments.

Furthermore, we are actively developing solutions to facilitate merchants in integrating and accepting Ice within their retail stores and e-commerce platforms.

Additional use cases are currently in development and will be disclosed throughout Phase 1.

The digital currency you can mine on your phone

  • free mining using your phone
  • no resources or battery consumption
  • decentralized network
  • available on both Android and iOS

Mining Ice is free.

All you need is an invitation from an existing trusted member of the network. If you have an invitation you can download the mobile app below.

Embrace a decentralized future as you explore the vision of this project for its mainnet.

The Ice Open Network (ION) stands as a groundbreaking blockchain initiative crafted to tackle the issues of centralization and provide solutions to the prevalent challenges in data privacy and ownership within today’s digital landscape.

Direct access to the official website

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