Hatom, what are the project’s features?


Hatom, the pioneering, non-custodial liquidity protocol on MultiversX. Discover its features and direct access to its website.

Hatom, the MultiversX’s first liquidity protocol that Empowers DeFi through various products.

Hatom, what are the project’s features?

The entire Hatom development team, third-party consultants and auditors have devoted a great deal of effort, time and resources to creating a secure and reliable liquidity protocol.

The highest priority is to maintain the protocol’s security. To this end, all contract codes will be made public, and all balances will be verifiable.

Hatom is a decentralized, algorithmic protocol for lending, borrowing, and staking assets, that operates on the MultiversX Network.

In addition, security researchers will receive a bonus for discovering and reporting vulnerabilities.

The Hatom Lending Protocol draws heavily on the industry’s key leaders in all protocol fundamentals to provide a solid, secure platform.

Lending Protocol:

Hatom Lending Protocol is a decentralized lending and borrowing platform operating within the MultiversX Network. It employs algorithmic methods to facilitate seamless transactions between market participants.

Liquidity providers, or suppliers, contribute assets to the market, thereby earning interest on their deposits. Simultaneously, borrowers are able to secure loans, adhering to a collateralized model to ensure secure transactions and minimize risk.

Liquid Staking:

Liquid Staking is a module that allows users to stake their EGLD without locking up its value.

Users can delegate their EGLD to Hatom’s whitelisted validators to secure the Network and receive a token called Staked EGLD (sEGLD); it’s a reward-bearing version of EGLD that can be used within decentralized finance Apps such as Automated Market Makers (AMMs), Lending Protocols, and NFT Marketplaces.

Liquid Staking allows users to earn interest from staking EGLD with validators while having sEGLD that they can supply in the Hatom Lending Protocol.

Users will no longer have to choose between delegating their EGLD to the validators or supplying them to the Hatom Lending Protocol; they can do both and combine the rewards.

This protocol distinguishes itself by distributing EGLD across a network of whitelisted validators called Hatom Node Operators in a fair, decentralized manner. The allocation takes into account the liquidity and Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of each validator, thereby ensuring equitable distribution and optimizing returns for our users.

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