GuessOnChain, decentralized prediction & sports betting platform


GuessOnChain, decentralized prediction and sports betting platform. Here are the platform’s features and the link to its official website.

GuessOnChain – The Ultimate Platform for Betting on Trending Events , Sports, Politics and Tokens.

The GuessOnChain team believes in the power of intuition and the pleasure of following your intuition and turning it into a profitable outcome!

By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, it has designed a simple, easy-to-use platform. Indeed, every savvy or disengaged risk-taker can place bets on the probability of a coin reaching a certain price or market capitalization within a given timeframe. In this way, he or she can predict the outcome of sporting events, politics and other trends.

With GuessOnChain, you don’t just make a prediction; you trust your instincts and join a community of thrill-seekers. It’s not just about the winnings, it’s about the excitement, the anticipation and the satisfaction of being right. Here’s a very exciting way to get involved in the world of crypto-currencies.

If you follow GameFi news, this project should be of interest to you. Find out why below.

GuessOnChain, introduction:

GuessOnChain is a decentralized prediction and sports betting platform where users can make predictions and bet on a variety of events, ranging from crypto price actions and future market caps of tokens to sports events, political outcomes, and more.

Platform Fees

For every pool, Guess On Chain charges a fee of 4%. For instance, if a pool accumulates 50k USDT, 2k USDT will be deducted. 100% of these collected fees are dedicated to rewarding our supportive community and token holders.

Revenue Sharing

80% of the platform’s total revenue is distributed to $GUESS token holders holding a minimum amount (yet to be announced). The remaining 20% is used for buy-back and burn procedures, supporting the deflationary nature of $GUESS.

$GUESS Tokenomics

$GUESS is an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 1,000,000,000.

Token Details:

Ticker : $GUESS
Native Network : Ethereum
Max Supply : 1 Billion $GUESS tokens
Max wallet : 1%
Max buy on launch : 1%
Max transaction on sell and transfer : 0.5%

Tax Mechanism:

Every transaction, be it a buy or a sell, is subject to a 5% tax at launch. Please note that as the platform matures and grows, we anticipate reducing this tax rate, ranging from 3% to 2%. The breakdown of the tax allocation upon launch is:

  • 3% is dedicated to Development efforts. This ensures continuous improvement, innovation, and upkeep of the platform.
  • 1% goes towards Marketing. This allocation is vital for outreach, partnerships, and ensuring that Guess On Chain remains at the forefront of the decentralized betting space.
  • 1% is for Proof Platform Fees. PROOF contracts are built in a way that prevents the project from performing the common scam tactics. Things like stopping you from selling the token, removing the liquidity, raising taxes past a certain threshold + more are all impossible with PROOF launched tokens.

Token Distribution:

10% : Advisors and KOLs
90% : Liquidity

A brief summary of this ecosystem:

GuessOnChain is a decentralized prediction platform where users can bet on the future price action of crypto tokens, sports events, political outcomes, and more.

Direct access to the official website

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