Gauro – Compound Reward Protocol (CRP)


Gauro – Compound Reward Protocol (CRP). Here are the objectives and features of the protocol, as well as direct access to its ecosystem.

Gauro, this protocol is built on the Ethereum network with the main aim of simplifying investment, reward composition and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) services for the community in the crypto space.

If you follow the latest crypto news, then you absolutely must discover this protocol, here’s why.

Gauro – Unlocking the Power of Compound Reward Protocol (CRP)

At the core of Gauro’s groundbreaking innovation is the Compound Rewards Protocol (CRP). CRP is a revolutionary system designed to easily increase your $GAURO token holdings every epoch.

This innovative approach simplifies the process of earning rewards and most importantly, pools them and keeps paying rewards for rewards.

The beauty of CRP lies in its simplicity – all you need to do is hold $GAURO tokens in your wallet, and the rest unfolds seamlessly.

Epoch 1 Hour

With CRP, the protocol automatically rewards $GAURO token holders every hour at a rebaseRate of 0.68765%. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or new to the game, CRP ensures that your assets are consistently working for you, multiplying your holdings effortlessly.

14-Day Journey to a 1000% RoR (Rate of Return)

The Compound Reward Protocol is only active for 14 days from launch (equivalent to 336 epochs). During this period, the protocol’s unique compounding mechanism leads to an astonishing Rate of Return (RoR) of 1000%. This means that over the course of these two weeks, your $GAURO token holdings can grow exponentially, offering substantial rewards for your trust and participation in the Gauro ecosystem.

Staking Feature

The Staking Feature of the Gauro Protocol is a powerful tool designed to empower users to earn rewards by actively participating in the ecosystem.

  • Launch Time: The Staking Dapp is set to launch after the conclusion of the Compound Reward Protocol (CRP), specifically 14 days after the Gauro Protocol’s initiation. This strategic timing ensures a smooth transition from one rewarding mechanism to another, offering users continuous opportunities to grow their assets.
  • Contribution from Transaction Fees: A 2% transaction fee is allocated to the Staking reward pool. This fee ensures that there is a consistent source of rewards for participants in the Staking Dapp.
  • Stake More, Earn More: The Staking Feature operates on a simple yet rewarding principle: the more you stake, the more rewards you receive.
  • Allocation & conditions: Rewards are distributed based on the proportion of tokens staked by users. The distribution occurs at two conditions: every 24 hours and the reward reaches 5 ETH (customized by trading volume). This ensures fair and regular rewards for participants.

The Gauro protocol expands continuously, with many decentralized applications (DApps) and other services.

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