GnomeLand – introduction to its ecosystem


GnomeLand – introduction to its ecosystem. Here are the features and benefits offered by this project, along with direct access to its website.

GnomeLand is the home of the Mystic Chain Gnomes, cute beings with a vision to create a frenetic, entertaining game powered by the community. The mission is to connect frens between chains and raise awareness of the importance of keeping your gnomes happy!

If you follow NFT news, you’ll love this project, where everything is designed to make you even more money.

GnomeLand – introduction:

This project is powered by a deflationary NFT collection and a Treasury-backed $GNOME token with zero-layer integration.

GnomeLand uses all minting fees to create concentrated Uniswap V3 positions to enhance ecosystem liquidity while offering a new type of multi-chain play experience.

Minting a Gnome

To mint a Gnome NFT log into Gnomeland and purchase your Gnome with some ETH. You can also use a referral code from other frens to get a discounted price. The Gnome Factory uses the minting fee to create a concentrated liquidity position on the GNOME/WETH UniV3 pair.

The Gnome Factory

Gnome Factory connects decentralized finance and NFTs! This contract is your gateway to minting Gnomes and diving into the world of concentrated liquidity in the Uniswap V3 pool.


The Gnome Factory is the contract responsible for minting your Gnomes, using your fees, it exchanges half for $GNOME and creates concentrated liquidity on the UniswapV3 GNOME/WETH pair.

Gnome Feeder

The aim of Gnome Feeder is to generate volume and rewards directly to LP suppliers. Food items such as mushrooms and bananas are represented by an ERC1155 and can be monetized with pendingGameRewards from the GnomeFactory.

To feed your Gnome, you need to burn your ERC1155 with ETH fees which are used to generate volume, e.g. each feed fee of 0.001E can generate 0.01E in volume and the fees are distributed to all LP suppliers.

GnomeLand LeaderBoard

GnomeLand LeaderBoard is set by the gnomes that contributed most for the ecosystem growth, performing the most boops and consuming the most items. Rewards earned by the treasury on the GnomeFactory can be claimed weekly according to your position on the leaderboard!

Direct access to the official website

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