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GINANCE is an AI-based Web3 game production and publishing platform, designed to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem for developers and players worldwide. By leveraging unique project launch mechanisms and user participation incentive plans, we drive innovation and growth in the GameFi sector, aiming to become the “Binance” of GameFi.

Ginance – introduction:

Ginance is an innovative platform based on blockchain technology, dedicated to transforming the gaming industry. It aims to create a decentralized ecosystem where developers, players, and content creators can interact securely, transparently, and fairly.


  1. Decentralization of Gaming: Use blockchain technology to decentralize critical aspects of games, ensuring transparency and fairness.
  2. Ownership of Digital Assets: Allow players to truly own their digital assets (skins, characters, equipment, etc.) and freely exchange them.
  3. Gaming Economy: Create a robust and transparent economy where developers and players can earn revenue through their contributions and participation.
  4. Security and Transparency: Ensure that all transactions and interactions within the ecosystem are secure and verifiable through blockchain.


  1. Digital Asset Marketplace: A marketplace platform where players can safely buy, sell, and trade digital assets.
  2. Smart Contracts: Use smart contracts to manage transactions, rewards, and ownership rights automatically and transparently.
  3. Reward System: Rewards for players based on their participation and achievements in games.
  4. Collaborative Development: Platform for developers enabling the collaborative creation of games and assets with revenue-sharing systems.
  5. Interoperability of Games: Facilitate the interoperability of digital assets between different games and platforms within the ecosystem.

Technologies Used

  1. Blockchain: To ensure decentralization, security, and transparency of transactions.
  2. Smart Contracts: To automate and secure transactions and interactions between users.
  3. Tokenization: Creation of tokens to represent digital assets and facilitate exchanges.
  4. Cryptography: To protect user data and ensure transaction security.
  5. Cloud Computing: To ensure the scalability and availability of services.

Team and Expertise

The team behind this project consists of experts in blockchain, game development, and cybersecurity. Team members include game developers, blockchain engineers, data scientists, and cryptography specialists.

Business Model

This ecosystem proposes several revenue sources:

  1. Transaction Fees: Small commissions on transactions carried out on the digital asset marketplace.
  2. Premium Subscriptions: Offering advanced features and exclusive benefits to premium users.
  3. Partnerships and Licenses: Collaborating with game developers and other companies to integrate their products into the ecosystem.
  4. Advertising: Advertising spaces for game developers and advertisers targeting gamers.

Competitive Advantages

  1. Security and Transparency: Using blockchain to ensure the security and transparency of transactions.
  2. True Ownership: Allowing players to truly own their digital assets.
  3. Decentralized Economy: Creating a decentralized and fair economy where everyone can benefit from their contributions.
  4. Interoperability: Facilitating the use of digital assets across different games and platforms.

Ginance aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by offering a secure, transparent, and fair blockchain platform. This project seeks to give players true ownership of their digital assets and create a decentralized gaming economy where each participant can benefit fairly.

Adventure Monkey – presentation:

Fun and Casual Game

Adventure Monkey is a delightful casual web3 game where players gather shells (SHE) on the home base beach. Using SHE and GNB tokens, they can purchase various foods and items. Once prepared, the monkeys embark on global adventures, returning with event NFTs. These event NFTs can be activated and destroyed to exchange for GNB tokens and other rewards.

1: Collect and Upgrade

  • Gather shells to acquire food and tools.
  • Upgrade your characters and enhance the beach.

2: Embark on Adventures

  • Set off on exciting global adventures.

3: Earn and Exchange NFTs

  • Receive Event NFTs from your adventures.
  • Activate, destroy, and mint GNB tokens with these NFTs.

Adventure Monkey is GINANCE’s self-developed flagship game, entirely AI-driven in its development and interactions, showcasing the largest crypto vision of 2024: AI + Social + GameFi.

Five Core Competitive Advantages of Adventure Monkey

  1. Free Play To Earn:
    • Claim a basic character for free
    • Continue playing + paid character upgrades
    • Deeper gameplay for higher computing power
  2. ‍♀️Anti-monopoly:
    • Fair launch, limited rush to upgrade characters
    • Fair random number generation
    • All data publicly verifiable on-chain
  3. Anti-inflation:
    • Dual token, dual pool buyback model
    • Three major burn mechanisms to contract supply
    • Beach upgrade reduction mechanism
    • Weighted distribution system after GNB total computing power exceeds 100,000
  4. AI Foundation:
    • Self-developed PLAY-65B AI model foundation
    • OPEN-API will be launched to promote a thriving ecosystem
  5. Gamification:
    • Captivating global adventure gameplay
    • Single-finger play, zero difficulty in operation
    • AI creates adventure events and interactive content
    • Continuously refreshing gameplay experience
    • Continuous upgrade of game mechanics and AI models

**Specific Applications:**

– **AI-created world maps**

Each new world generated by a random seed makes great adventures uniquely distinct

– **AI-Created Adventure Events**

The AI model creatively infers each fantastical adventure event, infinitely amplifying the fun

– **AI Creates Characters and Props**

A rich array of characters and props stem from the collective intelligence of AI and developers

– **AI-Driven Casual Social Interaction**

Character dialogues based on the LLaMA model, where you and your characters influence each other and grow together.


  • The token of the GINANCE ecosystem is GNB.
  • Total supply of 10 billion GNB, non-inflationary.
  • GNB has a clear, concise, and reasonable issuance method.

GNB Output Mechanism:

  • 80% of tokens are produced by staking Event NFTs obtained from game explorations.
  • When computing power is below 200,000, each unit of power outputs 50 tokens. The daily in-game output is computed power * 100, with a maximum daily computing power of 200,000.
  • When computing power exceeds 200,000, the daily output is the weighted average power, capped at 10 million GNB per day.
  • The total game output of tokens is 8 billion, with a minimum output period of 800 days.
  • NFTs are destroyed after staking ends.

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