Fan8 connects creators, artists, to their fans

Fan8 connects creators, artists, to their fans.Meet and interact directly with your global fan base anytime, anywhere.

Fan8 makes every fan connection meaningful and is at the heart of everything we do. With, we’re taking fan engagement to a new level through fully collaborative video conferencing to connect artists to their fan base like never before.

In the news of decentralized finance, we are talking more and more about the involvement of the blockchain in the world of artists, here is another good example.

With our concept, you can create your own platform with exclusive benefits for fans. The interaction between artists and their fans is facilitated by video conferencing.

During this era of the global pandemic, the traditional ways for artists, singers, influencers, movie stars (collectively called “idols”) to meet their fans or perform their shows in physical venues has been increasingly difficult. We live in a flat world; traditional settings limit the reach of the idols to their fans due to geographical constraints, such as the boundaries of
cities or nations.

Fan8 (“fan infinity”) is a platform designed to redress this issue by allowing idols to connect with their fans online anytime and anywhere with 2-way interactive video conference, just as they are in the same physical conference hall or theater.

With Fan8, idols conduct real-time online talk shows, comedy, or musical concerts anywhere; and their fans can participate across the world online in real-time. Idols can sell tickets and receive monetary donations in real-time during the event from their audience.

Fan8 is also a platform for artists to open and run their merchandise stores with physical goods or collectibles specific to themselves, even with non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Fan8 token, explanations:

Fan8 Token issued on the Binance Smart Chain is designed to empower all activities on the dedicated platform.

Developed by world-leading blockchain developers, cryptographers, research scientists, and experts from finance backgrounds, Fan8 tokens can be utilized as payments, gifts, and to raise membership levels. The platform will also tap into the entertainment world by providing a novel NFT marketplace where users will buy, sell, swap, and collect exclusive content. Best of all, Fan8 token holders will get 5% of the transaction amount on-chain applied directly to their wallets.


Fan8, how does the platform work?

Here is an integrated, comprehensive virtual event platform for real-time online entertainment broadcasting. Whatever artists can do in the physical venue, they can do the same on Fan8 online in real-time with global access anytime for their audiences. Whether it is a musical concert, a talk show, or a movie theater, they have everything covered.

On top of that, the platform is able to handle ticket sales and real-time gift/money donation, as well as merchandise stores with physical goods and NFT. Millions of users can start experiencing an online event on fan8 now via this link:

Direct access

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