Dorado – staking + restaking on Arbitrum


Dorado – staking & restaking on Arbitrum. Here are the platform’s features, its usefulness and direct access to its website.

Dorado is the project that offers you an all-in-one platform for seamless staking and restaking on the Arbitrum network.

Dorado – presentation:

This platform offers its users an efficient way to maximize their gains by providing flexible staking options for various tokens.

The platform uses Arbitrum’s optimistic rollup technology to ensure fast and low-cost transactions while offering robust security measures. Dorado aims to provide efficient asset management and a simplified user experience for cryptocurrency investors.

1. Objective and Mission

Dorado aims to optimize user returns through effective staking and restaking mechanisms, while minimizing risks with Arbitrum’s layer 2 solutions. Dorado’s mission is to provide simplified, secure, and high-yield decentralized asset management.

2. Key Features

  • Staking and Restaking: Dorado uses Arbitrum’s optimistic rollup technology to perform off-chain transactions, thus reducing Ethereum congestion, resulting in faster transaction times and reduced gas fees.
  • Maximization of Returns: The platform allows for the compounding of staking rewards, thereby maximizing returns over time through a sophisticated liquid staking mechanism.
  • Flexibility and Control: Users can customize various staking parameters, such as duration and asset allocation, to align their strategies with their goals and risk tolerance.
  • Security and Reliability: Dorado implements robust security measures to protect user funds and transactions, using Arbitrum’s layer 2 solutions to minimize the risks of network congestion and vulnerabilities.

3. Optimized Process

The platform optimizes transaction processing, leading to faster confirmation times and lower fees compared to traditional Ethereum staking platforms. This optimization enhances the efficiency of the staking process, allowing users to execute transactions quickly and at a lower cost.

4. Interconnected Ecosystem

Dorado supports multiple blockchains, enabling users to manage their assets across different chains such as Ethereum, BNB, Matic, and Solana. This provides great flexibility and increased interoperability for cryptocurrency investors.

5. User Platform

The platform is designed to be user-friendly, facilitating navigation and asset management across various blockchain networks. Dorado also offers educational resources, community discussions, and events to support and engage its users.

Dorado – features and advantages:

1. Advanced Restaking Mechanisms

Dorado enhances restaking capabilities through a sophisticated technical framework designed to optimize asset yields within the DeFi ecosystem. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, including innovative smart contracts and automated algorithms, Dorado simplifies the staking process, reward distribution, and asset management, providing users with a seamless and efficient restaking experience.

2. Integration with Arbitrum

Central to Dorado’s architecture is its integration with Arbitrum, a premier layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. By leveraging Arbitrum’s optimistic rollup technology, Dorado significantly improves transaction throughput and cost-efficiency compared to executing transactions directly on the Ethereum mainnet. This integration ensures rapid transaction processing and much lower gas fees, enhancing scalability and user experience.

3. Emphasis on Liquidity-Sensitive Derivatives (LSDs)

Dorado sets itself apart by focusing on liquidity-sensitive derivatives (LSDs) within the Arbitrum ecosystem. Using sophisticated smart contract mechanisms, Dorado facilitates the issuance of fungible, transferable tokens representing users’ staked assets (e.g., stETH). These tokens enable seamless liquidity provision across various DeFi applications, such as liquidity pools, decentralized exchanges, and yield farming strategies, maximizing capital efficiency and yield generation opportunities.

4. Effortless Asset Management

Dorado’s technical framework enables effortless asset management for users delegating assets for proof of stake. Upon staking, users receive fungible, transferable tokens representing their staked holdings, which can be freely traded in secondary markets. Secure and audited smart contracts ensure the integrity and transparency of asset management processes, allowing users to maintain liquidity and flexibility while earning staking rewards.

5. Cross-Protocol Interoperability

Dorado promotes seamless interoperability with other DeFi protocols and applications on Arbitrum, supported by its robust technical infrastructure. Through standardized interfaces and protocols, Dorado allows users to leverage their staked assets across a variety of decentralized finance services, including decentralized exchanges, lending markets, and derivative products. This interoperability opens new pathways for asset utilization and yield optimization, driving innovation and adoption within the DeFi ecosystem.

6. User-Focused Design with Technical Excellence

At Dorado, technical excellence is paired with a user-focused design philosophy. The platform features an intuitive interface, streamlined workflows, and comprehensive support resources, ensuring users can navigate DeFi complexities with confidence. Dorado’s technical team is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, delivering cutting-edge solutions that enable users to unlock the full potential of their assets in the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape.


Dorado stands out with its innovative approach to staking and restaking, utilizing advanced Arbitrum technology to provide an improved user experience in terms of returns, security, and flexibility. The platform is ideal for investors looking to optimize their returns while minimizing the risks associated with traditional staking.

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