Curve, discover this new ecosystem


Curve, discover this new ecosystem. Here are its features and direct access to its official website.

Curve is a Layer-1 network with lightning-fast, Secure, Low Carbon & Scalable blockchain economy.

CURVE is the native utility token of Curve network blockchain. This token will be used to pay transaction fees or any services directly related to the on-chain activity.

This token is based on the Binance Smart Chain & Curve network L1 Chain, and offers a variety of upcoming utilities like Launchpad, Wallet, Farming, NFT Marketplace & other innovative ways for its token holders to participate in a new revolution of free wealth and a vibrant community.

Network details:


Network name: CURVE
ChanId: 827431
Gas price: 1.5 gwei
Official RPC:​

Blockchain explorer

Curve Explorer is the official blockchain explorer for this ecosystem. With this full-featured, open-source explorer you can view transactions, accounts & balances, access data via the API, and read and verify smart contracts.

Built on top of Energyfi, this project build with Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consesus mechanism and EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible blockchain. It will be a green and fast network focused on Interoperability, DeFi and Responsible Web3 project adoption as well as users security.

Curve Consensus

Consensus is a fault-tolerant mechanism that is used in blockchain systems to achieve the necessary agreement on the single state of the network. This ecosystem is using a (DPoS) consensus model. DPoS is a variation of consensus. In PoS there are a set of validators that are responsible for keeping the network updated and validating the network’s state. They do this in turns, every validator has their turn in line. On their turn the validator updates the network’s state, and the rest of the validators check that the update is valid.

Consensus contract is used to manage the list of the network validators and delegators BlockReward contract is calculates the reward amount that validators and delegators will receive on each block validation. The reward size is proportional to validator’s stake.

With Voting contract validators are vote on various changes on these 3 base level contracts. All those contracts are proxied with implementation that handles the logic. The implementations can be changed only by the Voting process.

Importantly, the bridge is used to transfer the Curve token between the Curve and Ethereum networks.

The basic requirement to become a Curve chain validator is to have a stake amount of at least 100,000 Curve tokens. The stake amount is the sum of staked and delegated Curve tokens of the address.

Why choose Curve network ?

Fast, Scalable & Low Cost

Network scalability guarantees up to 100,000+ TPS with transaction fees remaining below $0.001 for developers and users, all with an average 3 seconds transaction time.

Low carbon energy

Network runs on the Delegated-Proof-of-Stake consensus (DPoS), DPOS is known for its high scalability and fast transaction speeds, as well as its low energy consumption compared to other consensus mechanisms.

Designed for dApps & DeFi

This project being EVM compatible, is designed to facilitate the deployment of Ethereum based dApps which may eventually contribute to its adoption by developers.


We are know, A stunning and intuitive layout design that is sure to impress. Our solution offers a similar layout to Etherscan, making it easy for users from the crypto community to navigate and manage profiles, API keys and more.

Direct access to the official website

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